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Bizzabo news | 3 October 2017

BizzaValues: How the Business Development Team Smiles

Jamison Pence

Like cheesy inspirational aphorisms? I have a billion of them. Take for instance this one: A BizzaSmile goes a BizzaMile. Aside from that being universal truth, it’s also extremely important to us here at Bizzabo.

You see, at the beginning of the year, Bizzabo plunged into a full fledge values project. (TBH, you could say that this project really began at the inception of Bizzabo.) Every 6 weeks we as a company dive into one of our company values and explore how we can implement them more into our day-to-day.

Our current value is one that is near and dear to my heart: We Smile. To me it’s more than jowl exercises; it’s a reflection of our positive attitude, gratitude and presence.

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Allow me to introduce myself

I started my career in sales as a door-to-door salesman working 80 hours a week selling educational material during my summers in college. Selling books taught me how to avoid less than approachable dogs but more importantly how to keep a positive attitude.

After graduation I found myself doing stand-up and improv comedy alongside other inside sales roles.

When I finally joined Bizzabo, I started as a Business Development Rep and then transitioned into a Team Lead role. Currently, my time is split between speaking with prospects to understand their needs and taking on new initiatives to help the team hit their goals.

When speaking with prospects my role is explaining the opportunity Bizzabo can bring to their events. At the same time, it’s my job to make sure their events are a good fit for our event management software. If it is, I then transition the client to an account executive to get into the nitty gritty.


Here’s something you need to know

I look forward to coming to work every morning. Really. They’re not bribing me with pizza to say this.

It’s rare to be at a company where each person brings something great to the table. At Bizzabo, every person comes to work with good vibes that carry throughout the day. When our team starts making noise with their various phone calls you can just feel the office buzzing with positive energy.

For instance, one member of our team is a vegan health nut that wouldn’t hurt a fly. When he’s not at his desk can be found dancing around the office. Another member serenades the team throughout the day.

Meanwhile, our director has the unique gift of both reading our mind and keeping the noise level at a moderate 10.

We take our job seriously and hold each other accountable to the high goals we set for ourselves. On the other hand, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so it’s easy to have fun.

Bizzaboers on the volley ball courts.

We also occassionally hit the volleyball courts.

Ready for some more cheesy inspiration?

As a Business Development team we smile with our cheeks, our eyes but mostly our heart.

Smiling is more than an act. It’s being present, appreciating each other, our attitude, attacking problems with a solutions, and counting our blessings.

Paying it forward

Similar to how a smile is the first thing a person notices on a person, the business development rep is the first person a prospect comes in contact with when speaking with Bizzabo.

We speak with people all over the world with different backgrounds and personalities. This role gives us the unique opportunity to appreciate them and their event needs. Everyday is different and every organizer is planning a unique event.

One of the event organizers I spoke with moved his company from California to New York and was referred to us from another client. He’s looking to revamp his whole company from the bottom up, needed a quick implementation, better engagement at his events, and a more seamless registration process. He came open-minded and enthusiastic to suggestions which made for an easy conversation.

A Bizzabo celebration.

We celebrate our customers and we celebrate each other.

Another organizer I spoke with, this one from South Africa, originally came to us looking for a new app for his organization’s events. They had to input a lot of information manually from their registration to the app they were currently working with. At first, they weren’t aware of how the Bizzabo platform manages the registration portion and have it sync seamlessly with the Bizzabo event app. From understanding his needs we were able to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Product Power

At the same time, we’re fortunate to have an awesome product in a fast-growing market. A number of products are offering solutions to help people manage their events; we’re offering a solution to create successful events.

Being on the front line affords us the opportunity to hear the challenges that event marketers face and (if they are a good fit) direct them to a powerful solution. Some people have lemons and make lemonade. We’re fortunate to be in a position where we have the lemonade and we’re sharing it with clients to empower their events.

I also spoke with a prospect running events for a mid-sized tech company who didn’t like the antiquated look and feel of their current platform. He was frustrated they spent a week and half trying to get the other platform up with little to no support. After explaining the ease of use, speed of implementation and support provided he said it was “music to my ears”.

A portrait of a BDR at work.

Fellow BDR Matt in the zone.

We listen to an event organizer’s needs and realize that it’s not going to be a fit for our product and recommend an alternate solution. We aren’t in the business of fitting square pegs in round holes. It’s important that each prospect we speak with is served appropriately because we’re looking for long term relationships with clients.

For example, I had an event organizer reach out looking for a platform for her new event’s company. Our platform was a bit robust for her needs, but we still managed to use the time to offer a few suggestions on how to better market her events, sell tickets and added a silly quip about it being Friday.

Accentuating the positives

When a Bizzaboer smiles is more than a jowl exercise, it’s a reflection of the can-do attitude and service you can expect when speaking with anyone at Bizzabo. A smile isn’t just about putting a grin on, it’s about maintaining an outlook. Sure, it can sometimes be hard to always be positive. When that happens, it helps to have a supportive team to lift you back up.

Regardless of where you work, there’s always room for a positive perspective. It’s like I (and most notably Yogi Bhajan) always say “an attitude of gratitude brings great things.”

Also, we’re probably going to speak at some point, so thank you for picking up.

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