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5 September 2018 

20 Houston Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love

Maria Waida
20 Houston Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love

Looking to plan an event in Bayou City? Check out this list of 20 amazing Houston event venues.

Thanks to brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen, Houston was founded in 1836 on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, the same body of water that gives us the Texas city’s nickname. The earliest iteration of the city struggled with issues involving financing, yellow fever outbreaks, and disorderly residents. Almost two centuries later, Houston has prospered.

Today, Houston is the fourth most populous city in the nation (following New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago)! Once ravaged by disease and crime, Houston is now home to the world’s most famous space center and culturally diverse populations that peacefully live, work, and play together in this illustrious metropolis.

If you’re looking to organize, manage, and find the best event venues in Houston for your next big shindig, this is the guide for you. 

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Table of Contents

  1. iFly Indoor Skydiving
  2. Twilight Epiphany Skyspace by James Turrell
  3. The Children’s Museum of Houston
  4. Pinot’s Palette
  5. Tongue-Cut Sparrow Speakeasy
  6. SPJST Lodge 88
  7. 1940 Air Terminal Museum
  8. Upstairs Bar & Lounge
  9. Flying Saucer Draught Emporium
  10. Irma’s Southwest Grill
  11. Sonoma Wine Bar & Restaurant
  12. Minute Maid Park
  13. The Bell Tower on 34th
  14. Ogun Art + Wine
  15. Nouveau Antique Art Venue
  16. JW Marriott Houston Downtown
  17. Asia Society Texas Center
  18. Winter Street Studios
  19. Firehouse Saloon
  20. Third Coast Volleyball Club

1. iFly Indoor Skydiving

iFly Houston Venue Events

Photo Source: iFly Indoor Skydiving

Location: West Houston

Max Capacity: 100+

iFly Indoor Skydiving provides an exciting opportunity for the thrill seeker in us all. With flexible packages and catering options, iFly proudly boasts their ability to accomodate groups of all sizes with their custom event planning program. Of all the available Houston event venues, this one is by far the most thrilling! 

2. Twilight Epiphany Skyspace by James Turrell

Twilight Epiphany Skyspace Houston

Photo Source: Twilight Epiphany Skyspace by James Turrell

Location: West University

Max Capacity: 120

This unique public structure features gorgeous natural and artificial light shows. The space itself is an art piece, and as such there are must-follow guidelines when used for events, but don’t worry—the Twilight Epiphany Skyspace team makes hosting a gathering there as simple and straightforward as possible. The artist, James Turrell, is famous for his work involving light, space, and sky which aims to speak to the wonder and perceived limits of human perception.

3. The Children’s Museum of Houston

Art Hall at the Children's Museum of Houston

Photo Source: Children’s Museum of Houston

Location: Museum District

Max Capacity: 50 

Make your family-friendly event fun for children of all ages with one of the most educational Houston event venues available today. With convenient parking options, flexible rental options, and no required after-hours catering, this space provides both convenience and entertainment. As far as event venues in Houston go, the Children’s Museum provides one of the more engaging options for group activities.

4. Pinot’s Palette

Creative Event Space at Pinot's Palette in Houston

Photo Source: Pinot’s Palette 

Location: Midtown

Max Capacity: 70 

Celebrating life’s best and brightest occasions, Pinot’s Palette presents one of the most colorful Houston event spaces on our list. They offer dedicated service, a library of painting options, and beverage sales. Let your guests show off their art skills at this creative Houston event venue. They even offer mobile paint parties for added convenience!

5. Tongue-Cut Sparrow Speakeasy

Houston Speakeasy Event Space

Photo Source: Tongue-Cut Sparrow 

Location: Downtown, Fourth Ward

Max Capacity: 25 

This tiny gem offers formal decor and classic cocktails inside a building that is over 120 years old! Beautiful exposed brick and huge windows make this Houston event venue one of your more upscale options. They even keep the bar open seven nights a week so if you’re planning a weeknight gathering, they’ve got you covered.

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6. SPJST Lodge 88

Lodge 88 Event Houston Texas

Photo Source: SPJST Lodge 88

Location: The Heights

Max Capacity: 700

Lodge 88 is a blank canvas ready to be ignited by your unique vision. From dance halls to bingo competitions and Zumba parties, this venue provides one of the most flexible options for Houston event spaces. Whether you’re hosting a conference, a trade show, a concert, or a conference, SPJST Lodge 88 offers a convenient and customizable space that will facilitate your catering and parking woes.

7. 1940 Air Terminal Museum

1940 Air Terminal Event Space Houston

Photo Source: 1940 Air Terminal Museum

Location: Hobby

Max Capacity: Varies, 50-500+

This space is both educationally rich and architecturally beautiful. With decor from Houston’s bygone Art Deco era, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum features elegant details for classier affairs. They offer exhibit rooms filled with historic artifacts that can provide your guests with excellent conversation starters! Their event venues include the Atrium (accommodating 150 to 200 guests), the Starliner Theater (a 50 seat movie theater), the Hanger (a vintage aircraft hanger that can fit over 500 guests), and the full campus rental.

8. Upstairs Bar & Lounge

Houston Venues Upstairs Lounge

Photo Source: Upstairs Bar & Lounge

Location: West University

Max Capacity: 175

This semi-private Houston event venue offers a great backdrop for corporate happy hours, engagement parties, birthday celebrations and more. They serve delicious steak dinners accompanied by expertly crafted cocktails. Their mouth-watering menu can be enjoyed inside their casual contemporary space that also features a terrace on the second floor.

9. Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Flying Saucer Emporium Houston Spaces

Photo Source: Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Location: Downtown, Fourth Ward

Max Capacity: 400 

One of the quirkiest event venues in Houston, the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is great for alien enthusiasts and science nerds alike. They’re eclectic decor features over 450 plates that line the dining area and more than $100 worth of pennies along the draught wall. They even have an Alien Club for discounted venue rentals, and special coupons for an affordable otherworldly experience.

10. Irma’s Southwest Grill

Irma's Houston Event Venue

Photo Source: Irma’s Southwest Grill

Location: Downtown

Max Capacity: 200

Private events are Irma’s specialty. This Southwest Grill is conveniently located near the Ballpark for those who are looking to spend a day eating good food and watching the game. Her mix of secret family recipes and family-dining options will make your guests feel right at home in this casual Houston event venue.

 11. Sonoma Wine Bar & Restaurant

Sonoma Wine Bar Houston Venues

Photo Source: Sonoma Wine Bar & Restaurant

Location: Upper Kirby

Max Capacity: 50

Sonoma Wine Bar & Restaurant offers of one the more sophisticated options on this list of event venues in Houston. They offer cocktail and appetizer service as well as 3-course dinner events. In addition to their space, they offer the services of an event coordinator who can help organize flowers, decor, music, and photo booths. They’ll even create a custom event outline tailored to fit your budget!

12. Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park Houston Event Space

Photo Source: Minute Maid Park 

Location: Downtown

Max Capacity: 41,168

This baseball stadium offers a whopping 11 event spaces to choose from! Their spaces vary in size and relative location to home plate. From a casual bar atmosphere at the Main Concourse to a white table cloth experience at Atrium, Minute Maid Park has an event space for everyone. They’ll even let you rent out the entire stadium on off-season nights! 

13. The Bell Tower on 34th

Houston Venues Bell Tower

Photo Source: The Bell Tower on 34th

Location: Oak Forest/Garden Oaks

Max Capacity: 350 indoor, 450 outdoor

This gorgeous Houston event venue has hosted hundreds of weddings and upscale corporate events over the years, and we can see why! Guests love that the location does all the decorating for you. And with excellent food, wine, and service available, The Bell Tower offers an incredible all-inclusive package for your fanciest events.

14. Ogun Art + Wine

Ogun Art Event Venue in Houston

Photo Source: Ogun Art + Wine

Location: Washington Corridor

Max Capacity: 35

Ogun Art + Wine provides a serene and enchanting atmosphere for event guests who appreciate the finer things in life. This intimate and refined Houston event space offers three main venues, including a Wi-Fi equipped area for board meetings and luncheons. The venue’s African roots add another unique cultural draw to the venue.

15. Nouveau Antique Art Venue

Houston Venues Nouveau Antique Art

Photo Source: Nouveau Antique Art Venue

Location: Midtown

Max Capacity: 200 

Filled with decorative iron gates and one-of-a-kind furniture, the Nouveau Antique Art Venue is a wonderland of heirlooms and period pieces that are sure to amaze your guests. Their website suggests that you pair your event with tickets to the Art Museum Symphony, Theater, Opera, or Ballet, all of which are located nearby. Guests can bring their ticket stubs to the bar to receive a complimentary drink! 

16. JW Marriott Houston Downtown

JW Marriott Houston Venue

Photo Source: JW Marriott Houston Downtown

Location: Downtown, Fourth Ward

Max Capacity: 250

From banquet halls to business suites, JW Marriott has the all the needs of your next gathering covered. Having been the home to thousands of corporate events in the Downtown area, this Houston event space boasts a unique blend of class and comfort,, and runs like a well-oiled machine. They even offer spa packages for those interested in giving their guests a mini-vacation within your event oasis. 

17. Asia Society Texas Center

Asia Society Center Houston

Photo Source: Asia Society Texas Center

Location: Museum District

Max Capacity: 1,360

This cultural center is a multi-year winner of Houston’s esteemed Design Award, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests of any event. They offer both indoor and outdoor spaces alongside memorable exhibits. They also feature seasonal discounts from time to time so be on the lookout for those! 

18. Winter Street Studios

Winter Street Studio Event Space Houston

Photo Source: Winter Street Studio

Location: Sixth Ward

Max Capacity: 400 

Winter Street Studios is one of 77 event spaces owned by Sawyer Yards, a dynamic art and entertainment destination featuring extraordinary experiences for the creative community of Houston. They use their design to play up the city’s industrial past while weaving in the voices of Houston’s esteemed contemporary artists. Entire raw expanses of this building have been kept intact. The city’s history can be seen in every exposed brick and wooden beam throughout this gallery of cutting edge art that defines the Houston of today.

19. Firehouse Saloon 

Firehouse Saloon Venue in Houston

Photo Source: Firehouse Saloon

Location: Gulfton, Galleria/Uptown

Max Capacity: 260

Firefighter-owned Firehouse Saloon is the perfect place to dance the night away to country ballads and live folk bands. This Western themed bar and event space gives your guests yet another reason to show off their Texas pride! As they say at Firehouse Saloon, they already have the boots.

20. Third Coast Volleyball Club

Third Coast Volleyball Venue Houston

Photo Source: Third Coast Volleyball Club

Location: Harwin

Max Capacity: 150

Looking to add a little friendly competition to your next event? Look no further than Houston’s own beach volleyball club. They offer a dozen lighted sand courts overlooking the gorgeous Houston skyline for a uniquely athletic event experience. The Third Coast Volleyball Club also offers amenities like an air-conditioned clubhouse, large televisions, and a tiki hut bar for those who’d rather spike a drink than a ball.

Wrapping Up: Finding The Perfect Houston Event Venue

We know that organizing and planning for special occasions can be complicated—especially when it comes to finding the perfect event venue—but with this list of curated Houston event spaces you’ll be sure to find an exciting backdrop for your next event! Choose a venue that fits within the broader picture of your event strategy and continue to delight guests with these unique spaces. 

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