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Event orchestration | 8 March 2017

The Corporate Event Planner’s Guide to Integrating Data

David Epstein

The average B2B CMO spends 24% of her budget on live events. Live events account for the single largest piece of the marketing budget and yet it is the least measurable marketing channel.

So how can resourceful marketers and event planners start measuring event performance? It starts with collecting and integrating event data between the right business platforms.

Let’s assume the event you’re hosting generates many new contacts. What is your plan to nurture these new contacts until they become customers or brand advocates? If you integrate event data correctly, you can pass the contacts to your sales CRM or marketing automation platform. From there contacts can be properly engaged and the results can be measured. But notice that without knowing how to integrate this information your contacts will be siloed.

The good news is you can learn how the best event marketers from Hubspot, Wistia, Zapier and Content Marketing Institute integrate live event data in order to ensure event success in a brand new ebook called: Connecting The Dots: The Corporate event Planner’s Guide To Integrations. To start reading the ebook just click the button below:



This 20+ page ebook is divided into four parts. First readers will learn why data integration is important, with an explanation from Zapier’s Marketing Specialist and integration master, Ashley Hockney. Next, readers will get an overview of the type of event data that should be integrated, with input from Hubspot’s Event and Field Markerting Manager, Roberta Ocampo. Third, is a discussion of the types of integrations marketers and event organizers should be considering. The section reviews Open APIs, Webooks, Zapier and more (don’t worry, everything is explained simply and clearly). Last, the ebook discusses how the events industry will continue to be impacted by big data and the need to integrate information across platforms. 

Integrations_eBook_blogimage1.pngMost likely your company invests more in live events than in paid media placements, search engine optimization or social media marketing, yet all of those other marketing initiatives can be measured and optimized. The best event marketers and organizers understand that live events should be measured and optimized too, and in order to do that, data must be integrated across platforms. 

To ensure that events are successful, it’s time to start integrating event data. Click the button below to start reading Connecting The Dots: The Corporate event Planner’s Guide To Integrations now!

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