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Event Marketing
14 July 2016 

Five Examples Of Outstanding Event Sponsorship Web Pages

Daniel Mendelson
Five Examples Of Outstanding Event Sponsorship Web Pages

Organizers can attest to the harsh financial realities of planning conferences and events. From choosing the perfect venue to hiring top-notch speakers, the cost of an event can often be a heavy one. One of the major ways to ease these financial realities and avoid raising ticket prices is to attract high paying sponsors.

Luckily, companies are always trying to search for events to sponsor. Sponsoring an event or conference can help companies achieve major brand awareness, find more leads, and ultimately boost ROI.

As an event organizer, you have the potential to use this interest, and the best way to do so is to highlight the ways that a company will benefit from sponsoring your event by building a great event sponsorship page on your event website.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 5 events that built fantastic web pages just to attract high quality sponsors. We hope that these examples will help you build better sponsorship pages yourself!

1. Cloud & Devops World – London, UK

This event is dedicated to transforming the digital enterprise through Cloud, IoT and DevOps. The organizers of this event know the importance of event sponsorship, and have dedicated an entire page on their site detailing the reasons why companies should sponsor this conference.


This page highlights seven major reasons for event sponsorship, from enhancing credibility to “standing out from the crowd” among other companies in the Cloud community and DevOps industry.

This sponsorship tab also states that sponsors will build relationships with new and existing customers based on this event’s particularly “relaxed face to face environment” and networking atmosphere. Altogether, the organizers focused on their event’s community and networking environment as a major motivation for sponsorship.

2. Fixed Income Leaders Summit – Barcelona, Spain

The Fixed Income Leaders Summit, which will be held in Barcelona on November 8-10, is a major financial event focusing on new developments within the fixed income industry. The event site not only dedicates an entire section to sponsorship, but also prioritizes its importance to the extent that “Sponsorship Opportunities” is highlighted on its home page.


The organizers begin the sponsorship page with a definition of what sponsorship is, and then detail the ways in which this particular event maximizes each of this definitions’ components. For example, sponsorship is defined here as…

“connecting you to the right people in a space designed to optimize your relationship-building and deal-making” 

Like the site for Cloud and DevOps World, this event site also highlights the potential for relationship building between sponsors and attendees, indicating that fostering valuable connections is the major feature of an event that sponsors are looking for.

Similarly, the site details that by getting face time with decision makers, sponsors can increase their market share.

3. Elevate by BizBash – New York, NY

This conference, held on April 27, was a major one-day conference focusing on innovation within the event planning industry. As a leading voice in the events industry, these BizBash planners knew the importance of event sponsorship and subsequently organized an entire page detailing why companies should sponsor their event.

The event site details the quality of the event’s attendees as a method of attracting sponsors. For example, the site states that by sponsoring the event, you will be exposed to over 300 decision makers in the industry, and that Elevate attendees influence nearly 17,000 events per year.

The site also states that 89% of Elevate attendees found their experience valuable and would return again, and even included a testimonial from an attendee and leader within the events community.

Here, the event organizers approached sponsorship attraction by emphasizing the value of this event’s attendee community. Highlighting their attendees’ influence on thousands of events annually, followed by mentioning their satisfaction with this particular event, which helps to give the event a level of legitimacy in the industry.


4. Dynamic Women’s Conference – Chicago, IL

The organizers for the Dynamic Women’s Conference also detail the value of their event’s attendees, and describes them as “smart decision makers” who recognize the value of being a “loyal customer,” and have connections to those who are looking for your company’s services.

Since this is a women’s conference, the event site highlights one of the benefits of sponsorship as a way to “gain visibility for your leaders and brand,” “benefit from the exposure and goodwill of our business conference for women,” and to “showcase your corporate support for diversity and inclusion initiatives.”


Unlike with the other events listed, this organizers of this event chose to entice companies to sponsor by emphasizing the brand awareness company’s will achieve by partnering with a women’s conference. This displays an important quality for a sponsorship template, which is to highlight the unique aspects of your event and attract sponsors based on a thoughtful understanding and reputation of the content of your event.

5. Legal Marketing Technology Conference – Chicago, IL

The Legal Marketing Technology Conference, which will take place June 23, is one of the largest technology conferences in the legal industry. Like that of Elevate by BizBash, this event also highlights attendees as a unique audience for sponsors.


Here, the event website offers detailed analytics on its attendees to ensure sponsors that they can reach the audience they are looking for. The organization and visual display of these numbers add a sense of legitimacy to the event in their ability to use data to back up its request for sponsors. The organizers of this event also created a downloadable “Sponsorship Opportunities” brochure, detailing the different offerings and levels of sponsorship packages.

The brochure also includes actual testimonials from previous sponsors.

All of these conferences highlighted what they found to be the most important reasons for event sponsorship. However, these templates are not just successful for what they discussed, but they are also successful because of the look and feel of the event website itself.

No matter how clearly you discuss the ways a company can benefit from sponsoring your event, if your event website is not put together, companies will not trust your brand enough to follow through with a sponsorship package.

Most of the events above not only had very high quality websites, but they also had industry-related blogs. The decision to sponsor, therefore, relies on the many facets of event planning, from your content marketing campaign to your website design, to the various aspects of the event that you and your team decide to highlight for sponsors.

Won’t even more advice on how to land big brands? Download a free ebook on event sponsorship by clicking the button below!

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