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8 November 2018 

Bizzabo Wins the Oscars of Event Technology

Brandon Rafalson
Bizzabo Wins the Oscars of Event Technology


Bizzabo has won the three Event Technology Awards, including the People’s Choice Award for the fourth year in a row. Here’s the full story.

The Event Technology Awards is arguably the most prestigious awards show in the industry. At the Event Technology Awards (often referred to as the “Oscars” of the industry), vendors are recognized for building outstanding products that are capable of improving the work of event organizers and marketers.

This year, Bizzabo took home three awards: Best Ticketing Technology, Best Technology for Building Attendance and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Event Technology Supplier.  

This marks the fourth year in a row that we’ve won the People’s Choice Award.

Event Technology Awards 2018

Eran (CEO), Rachel (CS) and Jonathan (AE) at the Event Technology Awards

Why This Matters

This is a momentous year for us. While it is humbling to receive yet another People’s Choice Award, it is also humbling to see Bizzabo recognized as a leader in driving event registrations—a key goal for many organizations.

Here’s a closer look at these three awards and what they mean for us.

Best Ticketing Technology

Registrations and tickets form the backbone of any event. They are how event marketers can attract attendees, organize attendee data and measure the effectiveness of a promotional strategy.

This year, we transformed Bizzabo’s ticketing platform to better support our growing customer-base of organizations that are hosting industry-defining user conference & summits with tens of thousands of attendees, like HubSpot’s INBOUND.

One example of these improvements can be seen in our new promo code toolset. Event organizers now have the option between selecting between fixed price promo codes, bulk promo codes or group promo codes to better segment promo code campaigns for different audiences (e.g. different attendee job roles, influencers, press) and analyze the resulting findings.

Best Technology for Building Attendance

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face when hosting events is driving event registrations. In fact, in our 2019 Event Marketing Report (to be released later this month), we discovered that this is the biggest pain-point for event marketers.

In 2018, we released a number of new tools to help event organizers drive attendance. New data-driven processes—like cross-event analytics, agenda analytics, and experiential analytics—helped organizers better oversee their event data via a single dashboard. While new contact segmentation tools, integrations, and branding functions enabled organizers to act on these insights.

Bizzabo’s comprehensive event marketing suite enabled CoinDesk to scale from 1,500 attendees at their 2016 Consensus conference to 2,596 in 2017. At Consensus 2018, CoinDesk scaled their registrations to a staggering 8,000 attendees!

People’s Choice Award for Favorite Event Tech Supplier

Unlike the other categories at the Event Technology Awards, the People’s Choice Award isn’t decided by a panel of judges—it’s decided by customers who have worked first-hand with us and fans who believe in our mission.

In some ways, this is the most important award of all.

Bizzabo CEO Eran Ben-Shushan shares his thoughts:

“We are very grateful to have earned the votes of the community for yet another year. We take this as another vote of confidence that Bizzabo has stayed true to its mission of unleashing the power of in-person events. Looking at next year, I can say that we are ready to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to event technology.”

Looking Back

This is not our first year at the Event Technology Awards. Since our debut back in 2015, we’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate how we are uniquely addressing the needs of organizations in creating unique and impactful experiences.

Here’s a look back at the past four years:

  • 2015: We first won the votes of event professionals after pioneering the concept of our all-in-one event success software. As a result, we won the Best Event Management Software Award and the People’s Choice Award.
  • 2016: After adding innovative features like session registration and Hot Leads to our platform, the people again voted for Bizzabo in the People’s Choice Award.
  • 2017: After making leaps and bounds in event software integrations, customer success and event promotion capabilities—our fans and customers yet again voted for us to win the People’s Choice Award.
  • 2018: This past year we doubled our team and this additional personpower has enabled us to make some huge changes to the Bizzabo platform. We completely redesigned our event app and event agenda tool, released our Branded and Ultra Branded Event App offerings, provided organizers with more data clarity thanks to our cross-event analytics functions, enhanced our ticketing and registration tools, and much more.

What You Can Expect

Moving forward, we plan on surfacing new innovations in artificial intelligence and event personalization to make events even more rewarding. We also plan on expanding our integrations to help our customers further streamline operations and we will continue to build out our Customer Success team to provide our partners with the same award-winning service they have come to expect.

Bizzabo NYC

Bizzabo US

A huge thank you goes out to our fans, customers, Bizzaboers and the families of our Bizzaboers. Thank you for believing in us. You are, and forever will be, the reason that we do what we do.

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