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Event orchestration | 12 February 2016

Event Planning Resources To Keep Organizers Up-To-Date

David Epstein

One of the key findings from a nearly 500 person survey of event planners, was that they use blogs as a key resources to stay up to date with event planning trends.

But a problem that many organizers have is finding the best blogs, magazines and eBooks to use when trying to learn how to plan better events, conferences, or meetups.   

This article features the best event planning resources for organizers to learn more about event technology, event venue seleciton, event marketing, and event management. From design principles, to keys to gaining event sponsors, readers will find everything they need to up their event planning game.

Event technology is one of the fastest and most important areas of event planning, and yet many event organizers feel that they don’t know enough about event tech solutions. Fortunately, there are a few event planning resources devoted just to event technology.

The Quick And Dirty Event Software Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right event management software can be quite challenging, especially when organizers have other things they’re working on, like actually planning events and conferences.

But this short and sweet guide will help planners talk to event technology providers intelligently.

Learn which event technology solution is best suited to the type of events you plan, and what questions you should be asking sales people in order to determine if there’s a fit.

The guide also includes helpful resources organizers can turn to access if an event technology solution offers everything they claim to. Click here to download the The Quick And Dirty Event Software Buyer’s Guide.


Liz King and her team are known as innovative event organizers. In order to educate the event planning community, she’s created TechsyTalk and Techsytalk Live (a one day event dedicated to event tech).

Both event planning resources are great for the organizer interested in incorporating innovative solutions into events to wow attendees and create more engaging experiences. Read the TechsyTalk Blog, and learn about TechsyTalk Live 2016.

BizBash Global Live Gathering

In 2016, BizBash launched Global Live Gathering, a virtual trade show showcasing event technology solutions. But unlike most trade shows, this one exists online and is accessible 24/7, so that busy event planners can investigate cutting edge solutions on their own time. Click to access the BizBash Global Live Gathering.

There’s no shortage of destinations or venues to choose from when planning an event. But all of the options available to organizers can mean that finding the right city or venue can be overwhelming. To make selecting an amazing destination and inspiring event venue easier, here are a few helpful resources.


Primarily a resource for those in the travel industry, Skift is an excellent resource to learn the latest in travel and destination trends. It’s also a good place for organizers to discover exotic new locations that are great for an event. Read more at Skift.

Midwest Meetings

It should come as no surprise that Midwest meetings feature a number of fantastic Midwestern destinations that make for a great place to host an event or conference. In addition to profiling Midwestern locales, the online publication also features event planning tips and catering ideas. Visit Midwest Meetings.

The Basics To Finding An Event Venue

Read this popular blog post to discover some of the things that organizers should keep in mind when selecting an ideal event venue. Learn how to evaluate if the venue will inspire attendees by understanding goals and reviewing event related data. Plus, readers will find tips on how to design an event space that’s fun and accessible. Read the article.

Marketing personas, social media, email marketing, content marketing, SEO and more. These are just some of the event marketing tactics that organizers can utilize to create event buzz and more importantly, attract event attendees. Organizers interested in improving their event marketing skills should check out the event planning resources listed below.

Smart Meetings

A thought leading publication in the events industry, Smart Meetings provides readers with cutting edge event marketing best practices, among many other things. From webinars, to in-depth interviews with successful event organizers. Planners would be well served to read Smart Meetings to learn event marketing best practices, and to stay up-to-date with the industry in general. Check out Smart Meetings.

The Smart Event Marketing Playbook

Learn everything the best event planners know about event marketing by reading a single, but comprehensive eBook. Readers will get a step-by-step education on how to build an event marketing plan that will attract more event registrants. Learn how to build marketing personas, use digital advertising platforms, tap into the power of content marketing, and create online communities that encourage event evangelists to share your event with their contacts. Download the eBook here!

The Ultimate SEO Guide For Event Planners

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is one of the single most powerful ways for event planners to attract event attendees to their event website. This eBook, written specifically for event planners, will help readers to understand what search engines like Google look for when ranking websites. Readers will walk away from this eBook understanding the latest tips and tricks they can employ to build a webpage that ranks on the first page of major search engines. Get the eBook now!

Event Marketing Like A Boss: Must-Know Secrets For Event Success

This is a short and sweet webinar designed for the time-pressed event planner. In a little over 20 minutes, organizers will learn how to create an attendee marketing persona, a complete digital advertising campaign and a content marketing strategy to promote their events and create event buzz. Watch the webinar now.

No event can be successful with proper event management, fortunately there are a number of different online resources available to organizers interested in brushing up on event management best practices. The best resources online are listed below.

Event industry thought leader, Corbin Ball, regularly shares his tips on event planning best practices to create better experiences for event attendees. His articles are filled with truly helpful information for a professional event organizer.  Visit

Event Industry News

UK based, Event Industry News is known for their top-notch event management tips, and for providing readers based around the globe with cutting edge event technology ideas. Read Event Industry News.

Event Manager Blog

Also known as EMB, this event planning outlet produces helpful blog posts, eBooks and webinars for organizers interested in learning event planning best practices. Visit Event Manager Blog.

Endless Entertainment

This US based audio visual company has a fantastic corporate blog for event organizers interested in learning event planning best practices. Each Wednesday, the company’s CEO hosts an hour long hangout on Blab that features event planning thought leaders. Read Endless Entertainment and Subscribe to Blab.

The Ultimate Guide To Event Management Terms

No matter how seasoned an event planner, it’s always a good idea to brush up on event management terms. Use this directory of commonly used planning terms to brush up on obscure but important event planning keywords. Get the eBook here.

Conference News

Another UK based publication, Conference News, provides event planners with information related to the goings on in the events industry. It’s a good resource for readers interested in staying up to date with event planning associations and events. Read Conference News.

Exhibitor Online

A great place for all things related to trade shows and exhibitions, Exhibitor Online and the accompanying Exhibitor Magazine are great resources for organizers interested in creating trade shows that are valuable for exhibitors and attendees alike. Read Exhibitor Online.

Successful Meetings

From their helpful articles, to great webinars and in-depth print magazine, Successful Meetings is a good resource for organizers interested in staying up-to-date with the event planning industry, trends and event technology all in one place.

Successful Meetings also features a helpful resources page featuring video interviews and job openings in the event planning industry. Visit Successful Meetings.

Exhibition News

Whether you’re interested in learning about experiential marketing tactics, trade show best-practices, or event marketing tips, exhibition news has you covered. Featuring helpful case studies, interviews and more, this is a great event planning resource for organizers. Read more at Exhibition News. 

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