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Bizzabo news | 19 March 2019


Shivina Kumar

In honor of International Women’s Day, we hosted two events spotlighting women in business, leadership, and marketing. Here’s a look at some of our biggest takeaways.

EMPOWER NYC 2019 was an incredible event with over 100 attendees and 20 speakers—all focused on highlighting diversity, inclusion, and the power of in-person connections. Our speakers shared many interesting insights about marketing, personalization, and event success. Alongside EMPOWER TLV 2019, the NYC event has given us a lot to think about as a company.

Here’s a look at just a few of our takeaways:

Takeaway: Transparency and open discussion is key for combatting workplace inequality.

Kathryn MinshewKathryn Minshew, CEO at The Muse

I have been very encouraged by the fact that large companies have started to become public about pay gap. Making the data public is a huge step. By putting data around it, it’s making the problem visible.

Diana Cruz SolashDiana Solash, VP of Inclusion and Diversity at Infor 

Using our technology we found that we have a lower time to hire, higher performance, higher retention, and higher ethnic and gender diversity. And for me, I was like, No really you have to show me the numbers because I don’t believe this.

Reham FagiriReham Fagiri, Co-Founder & CEO at AptDeco

People don’t realize, from a diversity perspective, when we talk about ‘why aren’t more diverse people joining startups or starting companies?’ It’s because you don’t even know that you can do this. It’s about changing the narrative and sharing that with the world.

Mita MallickMita Mallick, Head of Diversity and Cross Culture Marketing at Unilever

The advice I would give is to look past the human tendency of bias. That is, “I like me and people like me” who you attract unwittingly.

Adi Eckhouse BarzilaiAdi Eckhouse Barzilai, Co-Founder & CEO of Realface

One of the amazing this about building a small company is that you get to choose who comes on board with you. In finding your co-founders and partners, the most important thing for me was finding someone with same value system, which can come in many diverse ways. It helps to build a company that is around those values.

Linda KozlowskiLinda Kozlowski, Former COO at Etsy

The diversity of thought makes every business better. The numbers show it. You see that in the empathy of customer needs throughout the product.

Takeaway: Having cross-departmental alignment on marketing goals can help organizations drive innovation and differentiation.

Julie MosslerJulie Mossler, EVP Global Marketing at Sportradar 

My role is to centralize marketing and marketing means something different to each department. I’ve found that learning about what marketing means [within different departments] is important.

Einat CircleEinat Weiss, VP of Global Marketing at Nice

In the B2B space, every company and competitor looks the same. For Nice to differentiate, we use B2C tactics.

Maya ProsorMaya Prosor, VP of Business Development Partnerships at Lemonade 

How do we make your brand unique? We do that through transparency. We share our failures. For our demographic that makes us relatable. It’s something deeper, more meaningful.

Takeaway: Events are more common than ever before, causing organizations to develop more personalized and well-documented event strategies.

Chardia ChristopheChardia Christophe, Marketing Director at ForbesLIVE

At Forbes we produce over 40 events a year. What we find is that, especially for the Under 30 community, they want to connect and they want to engage with the brand. Finding our most authentic voice has been a big win for us.

Kira WillnerKira Willner, Executive Director of Brand Experiences at Dow Jones

Three years ago there were none. Now we run 60-75 events per year…We’re laying a foundation for a new conference business and showing how we can build a business from scratch.

Melissa Yahre GoldbergerMelissa Yahre Goldberger, VP of Global Marketing at Argyle

It’s not just about creating a party. It’s about creating personalized experiences…We’re making more and more investments in data in order to show the ROI.

Lindsay McKennaLindsay McKenna, VP of Revenue Marketing at Yext 

We do internal case studies about prospects that come to an event and become customers. We share that with the sales team. We try to show them the importance of getting face to face interactions.

Colleen BiscontiColleen Bisconti, VP of Global Conferences and Events at IBM

The saturation of events is very important to recognize. If attendees choose to invest in you then they expect to get something back. At IBM we focus a lot on the data to make personalized data-driven decisions.

That’s all for this recap. Stay tuned for more event updates!

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