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Event Marketing
18 September 2017 

How the She Leads Conference Increased Revenue by 212%

Stephen Kim
How the She Leads Conference Increased Revenue by 212%

The purpose of this conference is to empower women and provide them with the skills and confidence to self-identify as leaders.” With these words, Zoya Patel and her team launched the 5th annual She Leads Conference in Canberra, Australia.

Despite the progress that has been made on behalf of women in the professional world, Zoya and her team agreed that there is still much work to be done. The YWCA envisioned the She Leads Conference as being a catalyst for women claiming themselves as leaders—alongside other visionary women’s events.

To achieve such an objective, the YWCA knew they needed to gain key insights that were crucial for creating stellar event content that would resonate with their audience. Zoya and her team knew that having an efficient event planning process backed by data-driven decision-making would be crucial for achieving their overarching mission of inspiring their attendees.

In Need Of Insights and Efficiency

In order to create a conference as inspiring as the one the YWCA were aiming for, the event planning process had to become a fine-tuned machine. By eliminating inefficiencies, the She Leads Conference would become an unforgettable event with the potential to change lives. And the only way to ensure that the conference reached that level of excellence was through improved processes and exceptional event content.


Unfortunately, Zoya and her team were struggling to draw insightful event data from their manual registration process. They knew too little about their attendees and thus could not craft valuable event content. The lack of data-driven insights and streamlined processes were making it difficult for the team to make the right decisions that would lead them to inspiring these women. The only solution was to find a tool that would increase their level of productivity so they could have more time and energy to focus on crafting the event content.  

Finding The Right Software

After assessing the situation, Zoya knew the main priority was to find the right event software that would significantly improve their processes. Previously they had used multiple platforms to assist with their event planning and due to the lack of data integration among the platforms, the amount of time being spent on planning was continuing to increase instead of decrease. Having tools like a dedicated event website, seamless registration, and real-time polls were going to be crucial for the conference’s overall success.

Luckily, Zoya had come across Bizzabo during her research of event management platforms and quickly realized how well the platform aligned with the conference goals. She was excited to work with a product that anticipated her team’s event planning needs and had all of the necessary tools to increase productivity, as well as create great event content through data-driven insights.


Creating Streamlined Systems and Integrated Solutions

After signing with Bizzabo, Jessica and her team were introduced to whole new world of event planning. Bizzabo’s revenue and event registration reports kept the team on pace with their main objectives as well as provided key insights that assisted with optimization. The insights were crucial to tailoring an exceptional event experience for attendees. Additionally, Bizzabo’s powerful website builder allowed the team to design a beautiful website with valuable content that resonated with their target audience, persuading them to register for the conference upon visiting the site.   

The team was able to include detailed questions on the registration forms which helped them collect vital data that informed their decision making. They used promo codes to track the types of tickets that were most popular, giving them insight into the audience breakdown. The Bizzabo platform offered data-driven reports and solutions to help the YWCA make all the right decisions to create a truly exceptional women leadership conference.


Doubling in Revenue While Increasing Attendee Satisfaction

By providing the necessary reporting and management tools, Bizzabo empowered YWCA to craft an amazing event experience that inspired their attendees. By the end of the 3-day conference, 91% of attendees said they would highly recommend the event to others.

This important qualitative achievements was directly related to the 212% revenue increase compared to the previous year’s event. Such impressive event KPI’s were a result of an incredible team working together with a high-performing software and navigating the challenging yet rewarding field of event planning. Zoya and her team were pleased to say the least.


But aside from event metrics, the She Leads team was most proud of the fact that women who attended their event were going back home with a newfound confidence in their future and in themselves. This unquantifiable achievement was the team’s first priority and they were beyond excited to have seen their vision come to reality.

Through incredible teamwork, efficient processes, stellar event content, and a world class event management platform, the She Leads Conference achieved their ultimate objective of igniting the fire of leadership within their attendees.

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