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Cramer is an agency that crafts content-driven experiences for its clients to help them amplify their brand message and better tell their story.

As the entire industry pivoted to virtual events during the pandemic, customers looked to Cramer for guidance. Utilizing the top technology and cutting-edge solutions, the Cramer team solidified its leadership role. Now, as clients quickly begin strategizing for hybrid and in-person experiences, Cramer is ready to combine the tools and engineering necessary to build long-term relationships with clients and to guide them into the future of events.


“Bizzabo really supported us, especially at the start of the pandemic. We saw great value in the partnership and the responsiveness of the Bizzabo team was a big part of that. Even though we’re now producing events self-sufficiently, we know we count on the Bizzabo team if we have any questions.”

— Brendan Martin, 
Business Solutions Manager at Cramer

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Bizzabo Interact, Integrations, Registration Management


At the start of the pandemic, Cramer’s clients were hesitant to acquire
their own Bizzabo licenses. Companies were unsure of how long the event industry would be impacted and they expressed their aversion to financial risk. To many of their customers, putting up the capital for a license was risky because it might only be a short-term need. However, Cramer saw an opportunity to work with Bizzabo to showcase the benefits of a long-term investment while still catering to one-off events. They also saw the chance to create new revenue streams to accelerate their business.

Leveraging a Bizzabo Partnership to Drive New Business and Generate Revenue

The number one reason for an agency to partner with an event management solution like Bizzabo is because it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Cramer has produced hundreds of meetings and events so far with Bizzabo and with each event they produce, that relationship grows even stronger.

One way Cramer has benefited from the partnership is through new business and referrals. Bizzabo shares leads as often as possible with agency partners. Over time, Bizzabo has gained a better understanding of Cramer’s ideal customer profile and has been able to curate leads that are a better fit as a result. Brendan notes that his Bizzabo customer success managers and account managers have really listened to him and took the time to vet leads so that by the time they got to Cramer, they were already qualified leads.

Cramer has also been able to create two different revenue streams by leveraging their expertise with Bizzabo. Brendan adds, “We position ourselves by offering two options to our clients. We can take their Bizzabo license and build out their website for them, or they can use our license and we will build and
manage it all for them.”

He explains how this flexible offering helps Cramer cater to a range of clients. For long-term clients who already have their own Bizzabo license, Brendan notes, “it was great to give them the confidence that Bizzabo is the right solution for them.” For those who simply plan to do one-off events, “it minimizes the risk financially” and Cramer is “still able to offer the Bizzabo platform and our expertise.”

“Bizzabo has been great. It’s not often that partners share as many leads as Bizzabo has which is greatly appreciated.”

— Brendan Martin
Business Solutions Manager

Another benefit of the partnership is that Brendan and his team have had a voice in the direction of the platform. Brendan adds, “Bizzabo listened to us in regards to updating features or any recommendations and those have gone a long way.” By having that continuous communication around potential upgrades, Bizzabo is able to offer an even more robust solution for both agencies and customers and Cramer benefits from getting to offer the very features that their clients are requesting.

“We’ve become self-sufficient in the Bizzabo platform because it’s so intuitive and we also have access to the resources we need to be successful. As a result, we’ve been able to provide in-house services where we manage and design those platforms and handle everything and our clients have really enjoyed working with us in that sense. Plus, it’s opened an additional revenue stream for us.”

— Brendan Martin
Business Solutions Manager

Positioning Agencies as the Expert

Bizzabo’s goal when working with agency partners is to make sure that their clients view them as the experts that they are. Cramer’s team of strategy, creative, and execution specialists have been producing events for over 35 years. That experience makes them uniquely qualified to guide clients into the next phase of events whether it be in-person, hybrid or virtual.

Bizzabo offers a user-friendly platform that is easy to customize and scale but also has dedicated customer support and customer success managers as well as self-service resources to help agency partners quickly become experts in the platform. Cramer’s quick mastery of the platform positioned them as technology leaders in the industry. Clients and prospects felt validated in their choice to use Bizzabo and to trust Cramer to produce a technically sound event.

“Bizzabo has helped position us as experts and because of that, we’ve gotten a ton of new business. People who didn’t work with Cramer prior to the pandemic have found us and are seeing us as leaders— which we are.”

— Brendan Martin
Business Solutions Manager

Clients Love Bizzabo’s Capabilities

70% of Cramer’s virtual event clients use Bizzabo. While they do offer multiple solutions, their customers prefer to use Bizzabo because of the advanced functionality that allows them to produce high-value events.

Brendan notes that the number one feature their clients enjoy using is Bizzabo
Interact. “Clients love the fact that they can host breakout sessions without having to jump out of the platform or go to Zoom for that feature.” With Bizzabo Interact, Cramer’s clients are able to build out robust virtual programs and curate the attendee experience.

Another reason Cramer’s clients choose Bizzabo is because of the powerful integrations we offer. Cramer works with major organizations that already have an established technology stack and those clients depend on integrations to maintain access to all of their data. The Bizzabo platform communicates directly with other systems like Salesforce and Vimeo which allows clients to continue using the platforms they are already familiar with while gaining access to even more insights.

For Cramer, “Vimeo is the heart of all of our event streaming and the fact that Bizzabo can integrate with that is huge.” And in addition to our existing integrations, Bizzabo is also able to build custom integrations for our partners, which is a great example of the benefits of partnering long-term.

Bizzabo’s registration management tool is another feature that Cramer’s clients value. Brendan notes that “Many of our events have a set list of attendees and so I can just upload those directly to the platform with a basic excel sheet. I don’t have to have people register and miss an email or a deadline so it creates a lot of ease for our clients knowing they’ll get the magic link email the week or day before the event, whatever cadence we set for that. It’s been easy on Cramer as well as our clients.”

“We usually choose Bizzabo for our events because of the features and functionality.”

“We go in with the approach of being agnostic, we can work with any platform our clients have, but we also have licenses we can offer them. Bizzabo is an excellent tool for a sales meeting or leadership meeting or external user conference with networking. If we have 10 breakouts, we can’t use other platforms for that, we will go with Bizzabo. So that’s what helps us make that choice for our clients.”

Brendan Martin
Business Solutions Manager


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