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Event Marketing
27 October 2016 

5 Brands That Used Event Email Design To Drive Registrations

David Epstein
5 Brands That Used Event Email Design To Drive Registrations

In a recent study of professional event organizers, the majority of respondents indicated that email marketing was the primary channel used to promote an upcoming event. Whether readers are event consultants, new to the event planning industry, or work as marketers organizing events, email marketing can play a pivotal role in driving contacts to register for an event.

While the majority of professional event organizers use email marketing to promote an event, many organizers who employ email marketing tactics are let down by poorly designed emails. It’s important for readers to understand that marketing emails are different from the traditional email sent to a colleague. Marketing emails should be beautifully designed pieces of content that excite, inform and encourage recipients to visit an event website and register for the event.

So what do beautifully designed event marketing emails look like? Here are five examples of well designed emails to inspire readers to make the most of email design when promoting an event to existing contacts.

1. Percolate SPiN

Percolate Spin Networking Event Email.gifPercolate is a marketing automation platform for enterprise level companies. To promote their product to the New York City community of digital marketers, Percolate organized a ping pong networking event and emailed existing contacts with the short and fun invite above.

Typical invitations of this sort are usually plain text emails sent from a salesperson. Percolate opted for a sophisticated email design that can’t be ignored. The GIF of a ping pong paddle communicates exactly what the event is about in just a glance, and the high contrast between the bright orange background and the dark grey CTA (RSVP) helps to direct readers to take action.

Clearly the designers of this event marketing email wanted recipients to go to the Percolate event website to learn more about the event. That’s why the email is short and sweet.

2. Orbit Media Content Jam Conference

Orbit Media Content Jam Conference.pngOrbit Media is a consulting company that helps businesses improve digital marketing strategy. They hosted an event about content marketing and invited contacts to attend while offering a 15% discount off of registration fees. The email looks professional, highlights key information with bullet points and features a clear CTA (Get My Ticket).

In addition, the email is humanized thanks to the head shot below the CTA. In an era where email feels increasingly impersonal, adding humanizing touches like a head shot, or an actual “from” email address instead of the standard “no reply” can go a long way.

3. Hubspot Inbound Conference

Inbound Conference Gary Vee Email.png

Hubspot is a marketing automation company that hosts an annual user conference in Boston. Approximately 10,000 businesspeople attend each year to learn about marketing and sales best-practices. One of the keynote speakers presenting at this year’s Inbound is Gary Veynerchuck, a successful and outspoken entrepreneur.

To promote the event, and one of the most popular speakers presenting at Inbound, the Hubspot team created the well-designed email above. It features an attention grabbing header image that offers a free copy of Mr. Veynerchuck’s latest book. It also features an embedded Tweet as a way of offering social proof and of building excitement among email recipients. Of course, as with all of the examples in this article, the email features a clear CTA encouraging recipients to register to the event.

4. Unbounce CTA Conference

CTA Conference.png

Unbounce is a marketing technology company that hosts an annual user conference. An email featuring a brief video of one of the speakers explaining what he was going to talk about at the event was sent to existing contacts. Below the email was of course, a clear CTA that reminded recipients they would save money by registering early for the event.

It’s important to note that videos cannot be directly embedded in emails. Therefore in order for recipients to view the video, they needed to click on the photo and were directed to this landing page in order to view the video.

Despite this small technical work around, video is a fantastic resource for event planners to start leveraging. It is positioned to become am increasingly popular marketing tactic in, and as we have written about in this free content marketing ebook, event organizers are well positioned to take advantage of the power of video when promoting an event.

5. Salesforce Dreamforce

Dreamforce Email.png

Salesforce is a business technology company known for hosting the legendary user conference called Dreamforce. Each year about 10,000 business people gather in San Francisco, California to partake in a week-long series of outstanding business events.

To increase event registrations, organizers sent out this brief but effective email to existing contacts. Note that the email makes use of pricing psychology to encourage recipients to register now rather than wait and loose the $500 discount being offered. It also features two clear CTAs, one near the announcement about a registration discount and a second near a piece of social proof in the form of a tweet.

Additionally, the email was well optimized for recipients who read email on the go (which is nearly all of us). Rather than feature a lot of text, the email uses a GIF to communicate some of the key selling points of the event.

Dreamforce Email GIF.gif

Next Steps

Regardless of the type of event, email marketing can be a highly effective channel for engaging existing contacts and increasing event registrations. This is especially true when marketing emails are thoughtfully designed with the recipient in mind.

For readers interested in developing a truly successful event promotion plan, another great strategy to consider (that compliments email marketing) is content marketing. Event organizers are well positioned to produce valuablecontent that can attract readers and drive registrations. To get started, readers can download Cracking The Content Code, a free ebook, by clicking the button below!

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