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11 January 2018 

Introducing Bizzabo’s New Fully Branded Event App!

Brandon Rafalson

We’re pleased to announce Bizzabo’s new fully branded mobile event app! Welcome to the next generation of events.

Years ago, we were the first to come to market with a comprehensive mobile solution for managing event success. Over the years, we’ve collected customer feedback across thousands of events to bring the newest design and user experience trends to life—all in our new, fully branded mobile event app.

Now, event marketers can build a community, showcase their brand, maximize audience engagement and effectively drive stronger returns on investment from their events like never before.

And they can start doing so today!

Meet the New Bizzabo Event App

On opening the new Bizzabo branded event app, the first thing you’ll notice is the new look and feel. We’ve reworked the user interface to be more sleek and modern. But that’s not the only change we’ve made. 

Check out the below video for a quick intro to our newest features.  


Once you’re done watching the above, you can read on for a more in-depth look at what Bizzabo’s new fully branded event app has to offer.

(New!) Maximize Audience Engagement

Implement live polling and Q&As to bring your audience in on the action. Help your attendees find the right decisions with detailed event agendas and speaker pages. Get the word out on the latest event updates with push notifications. Deliver an unparalleled personalized experience with the Event Home which provides attendees with their event ticket and other relevant info.

The Event Home is your attendees one-stop-shop for your event


(New!) Drive Partner ROI

Now it’s easier than ever for you to drive the ROI of your tiered sponsors and exhibitors by giving them the opportunity to set up special offers, request follow-ups, brand their profile pages, share links and resources, and more.

The Bizzabo App is the Ace up your sleeve


(New!) Showcase Your Brand

Now, you have the tools to place your event brand front and center. Customize your attendees’ app experience from start to finish with your choice of images, content and colors to create a unified and consistent brand experience.

New branding and customization options


(New!) Build Your Community

The new event community makes it easier than ever for your attendees to form meaningful connections. Your attendees can see who is attending the event and use revamped filters and tags to find the right contacts more quickly. They can then use lead marking and one-on-one messaging to craft the perfect follow-up.

Build your event community with the Bizzabo branded event app


On top of all that you’ll still be able to draw user insights from the Bizzabo platform and maximize event app adoption with the help of dedicated resources.


Coming Soon: Bizzabo’s Private Label Mobile App

But wait, there’s more!

Until recently, the understanding in the events industry was that Apple’s 4.2.6 guidelines would prohibit custom or “white label” event apps from the App store—effectively rendering white label event apps obsolete.

There was a lot of controversy around this point which you can learn more about in the Event App Primer. We at Bizzabo were more than ready to meet this challenge, which is why we created our new branded event app in response.

Now that Apple’s App Store guidelines have been revised we are gearing up to release a new white label event app offering in addition to our new branded event app.

We could not be more delighted about Apple’s decision. Soon, Bizzabo customers will have the choice between our branded event app and our white label event app offerings.

Oh, the choices!

Until then, we hope you enjoy what our new branded event app has to offer.

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