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12 June 2020 

12 Black-Owned Experiential Agencies You Should Know About

Bizzabo Blog Staff
12 Black-Owned Experiential Agencies You Should Know About

Black-owned experiential agencies with extensive B2B and B2C portfolios. Featuring Beyond 8, Andrew Roby Events, W.P. Miller Special Events, and other leading firms. 

We already have extensive lists covering US experiential agencies and UK event agencies. But we noticed that there was not yet a resource that provided a dedicated list of black-owned experiential agencies anywhere on the internet.

Each of the agencies on this list are leaders in their own right, having accrued extensive portfolios that include partnering with Fortune 500 companies. However, this is far from an exhaustive list. If you have any suggestions for black-owned B2B or B2C agencies that aren’t mentioned below, you can submit them here for consideration.

1. Andrew Roby Events

Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Instagram Handle: @andrewrobyevents

Andrew Roby has 13 years of experience in the events industry. His agency, Andrew Roby Events, specializes in corporate gatherings, social get-togethers, and breathtaking wedding ceremonies in the Washington D.C. area. Andrew and his talented team have worked with popular brands like The CW, The Knot, and Honest Tea. If you’re planning an event in America’s capital, partner with Andrew Roby Events to ensure it’s unlike any other.


Headquarters: New York City, New York

Instagram Handle: @beyond8_

BEYOND 8 offers experiential event production for the fashion, technology, art, music, and lifestyle industries. The agency aims to challenge creative boundaries in order to craft authentic, diverse, and interactive events that attendees will remember for years to come. This commitment to progressive excellence has given BEYOND 8 the opportunity to work with many top brands, such as Nike, Sephora, Gucci, and Universal Studios. Whether you’re looking to host a must-attend industry event, upscale reception dinner, or some other gathering, BEYOND 8 will help you realize — and exceed — your unique vision.

3. Events by Andre Wells

Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Instagram Handle: @eventsandrewells

Andre Wells is known for using original design and storytelling elements to craft incredible, one of a kind events. He and his team have coordinated more than 4,000 events in the Washington D.C. area, earning a stellar reputation in the events community and giving themselves the opportunity to work with A-list clients like The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, NBC Universal, and CNN. Whether you plan to host a corporate function, political event, social gathering, or wedding ceremony, Events by Andre Wells will help you do so with class and sophistication.

4. Idlewild Experiential

Headquarters: New York City, New York

LinkedIn Profile: Idlewild Experiential

In the 1900s, Idlewild, Michigan was known as the Black Eden and became the premiere vacation and entertainment destination for well-to-do African Americans. Idlewild Experiential aims to build off of this rich legacy by crafting exceptional events aimed at diverse audiences. Whether you need help with event planning and strategy, conference production and execution, or securing sponsors for your gathering, Idlewild can offer you the assistance you need to ensure your event is a success. That’s why top brands like Walmart, SoFi, and Weight Watchers have partnered with the agency over the past two years to help them host a range of successful events.

5. K.I.M Media, LLC

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

Twitter Handle: @KIMMediaLLC

K.I.M. Media, LLC is a Brooklyn based marketing, branding, and events agency that specializes in creating strategic, one of a kind experiences for its clients. To date, the agency has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including Coca-Cola, MontBlanc, MAC, and FUBU. From launch parties to private dinners, K.I.M. Media, LLC has the knowledge and experience needed to host an incredible event of any kind.

6. MVD Inc.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Instagram Handle: @mvdinc

Sister owned agency, MVD Inc., provides event production, public relations, brand imaging, and integrated marketing services to some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the world. Kanye West and Mary J. Blige have worked with the agency, as have Netflix, Samsung, and 20th Century Fox. Since 2002, MVD Inc. has been crafting revolutionary events for A-list clients in the fashion, music, film, and technology industries, giving them unparalleled experience when it comes to hosting must-attend gatherings. MVD Inc. is based in Los Angeles, California, and able to host a wide variety of event types for its clients.

7. Pop’N Creative

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Instagram Handle: @popncreative

Pop’N Creative knows that generating good event ideas is hard, as is engaging multicultural audiences. But doing both at the same time? That’s really difficult. Fortunately, the team at Pop’N has the knowledge and experience to do so for your company. The agency specializes in masterful storytelling, which it uses to craft memorable experiences for brands like Freeform, Aspire, and TV One Represent. Work with Pop’N Creative to gain important cultural insights, design, and market inspiring events, and optimize your approach for greater future success.

8. Studio B Entertainment

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Instagram Handle: @studiobentertainment

The motto of Studio B Entertainment is to “create experiences that celebrate the lives of unique and vivid women.” The agency has worked with Covergirl, Proctor and Gamble, Sally Hansen, and many others to create compelling conference booth experiences, popup events, and unique college tours. If you’re planning an event with the goal of making women feel valued, understood, and truly seen, Studio B Entertainment might be the perfect partner for you. Beyond event production services, Studio B can also help facilitate influencer partnerships, craft engaging social media and website content, and provide sales training.

9. Team Epiphany

Headquarters: New York City, New York

Instagram Handle: @teamepiphany

What do Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Netflix all have in common? Each of these major brands has turned to Team Epiphany to help them host an incredible event at one time or another. The agency was founded in 2005. Since that time, it has used its expansive network of tastemakers, celebrities, and creatives, as well as the impressive knowledge and skillsets of its staff, to craft unforgettable experiences for event attendees everywhere. From product launches to private parties, partner with Team Epiphany to elevate your next event.

10. The Vanity Group

Headquarters: New York City, New York

Instagram Handle: @thevanitygroup

Ready to host a bespoke event or other-worldly experience for your target market? The Vanity Group should definitely be at the top of your list of preferred partners. Led by its accomplished founder, Karleen Roy, the boutique agency has an elite clientele list that includes Nike, L’Oreal, Atlantic Records, and Youtube. Karleen and her team at The Vanity Group have helped numerous clients from all over the world host top-notch launch events, private parties, and wedding receptions. Hiring them to help you with your next event is a no-brainer.

11. Tinsel Experiential Design

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

Instagram Handle: @tinseldesignnyc

Give your next conference, holiday gala, or PR event the “Tinsel Touch” by partnering with Tinsel Experiential Design. The agency has worked with an impressive list of clients that includes Google, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, and American Express. These major brands, as well as many other companies of various sizes, come to Tinsel because of the innovative concepts and beautiful atmospheres the team creates. For businesses in the lifestyle, art, travel, fashion, beauty, and tech industries, partner with Tinsel Experiential Design to ensure your next event is the amazing experience your guests deserve.

12. W.P. Miller Special Events

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Twitter Handle: @WPMillermoments

W.P. Miller Special Events is a “one-stop-shop special event and production firm” based in Los Angeles, California, though the agency works with clients all over the world. Established in 1999 by William P. Miller, hence the name of the company, this event production firm has hosted a wide variety of get-togethers, from intimate dinner parties to industry-leading conventions. The team has also worked in a myriad of venues such as hotels, museums, private clubs, and even fleet hangers. All this means that W.P. Miller events have the experience and skill set needed to host your next event — whatever and wherever it might be.

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