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Bizzabo news | 15 June 2017

BizzaValues: How the Customer Success Team Owns It

Rachel Ruggieri

At Bizzabo, we put people first. That’s why we launched the BizzaValues program to help us further cultivate our company values and culture. Here’s what Customer Success Director Rachel Ruggieri has to say about it. 

The Bizzavalues project is just another example of how Bizzabo proves that they really care about their people and how each person contributes to the company.  This month we’re focusing on “Owning It.” To me, this value is how Bizzabo has been able to have such a big impact on the industry with such a lean team.  Each individual is ambitious and OWNS IT—in their interoffice relationships, their customer rapport, and their company projects.

My Background

I’ve always loved working with people. In college I studied Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Psychology. The things that motivate people and the goals they set are fascinating to me.

In college I interned at a PR agency and worked the Tribeca Film Festival. I was able to get my feet wet with red carpets, premieres, special appearances, and more. It was an incredible experience. The glamour and excitement at each event was to die for. I loved helping organize all the moving pieces and building relationships with the vendors, talent, and press. But I quickly realized from all the behind the scenes desk work, that PR was not for me.  

“Your event bag should always be equipped with a Tide Pen, duct tape, box cutter, screw driver, and marker at the very least.”

Right after graduation I found myself in a customer-facing role at an event vendor company. This is where I got a taste of the social planning world. This was also a fun role where I got to build relationships with my customers who were all top-tier caterers, planners and organizers. I was able to hear about all the ups and downs as if I was part of their team, without having to be onsite for all of the stress. These relationships helped me narrow down my career path even further. However, I didn’t take to the ambiguity of defining a successful event.

I thought that maybe a corporate planning role would be a better fit since success since there often have clear markers. From there, I became a conference producer. This is where I thought I hit the sweet spot of organization, travel, and relationship management. My time as a conference producer definitely taught me to always have a Plan A, B, B2, C, C2, C3, and D. Also, that your event bag should always be equipped with a Tide Pen, duct tape, box cutter, screw driver, and marker at the very least. 

Eventually, I found my way to Bizzabo. As the first front-facing employee, I’ve been able to grow with the company and find my home as the Director of Customer Success. Now I get to spend my days with an incredible team and working with some of the best event marketers in the world. 


Lean on Me

Every day is a bit of a challenge for the CS team. With a lot of engaging customers, an endless stream of exciting product updates and ambitious team goals, each member of the team has to own their day and interactions with one another. At the same time, we rely on each other for support, encouragement, and feedback. Since we work independently with our own customers, but are so dependent on each other for growth, we trust that each person is going above and beyond and OWNING their tasks. 

The CS team truly lives by the “Own It” value. The most obvious approach is that each person manages their customers on a day-to-day basis. This includes not only tracking data and measuring success, but also making sure our customers are excited to work with the product and our team.

“ It is our job to ask the right questions, dig into the right details, and provide the right game plan.”

Working in a customer facing role is definitely not easy. We need to find a balance between proactively and strategically providing value for our customers to be successful and reactively addressing any incoming inquiries or concerns. It is up to each CSM to own their day and prioritize their tasks to be able to put a stamp of success on the work they’ve done. Our team works diligently to track and analyze their own activities and performance to make sure these goals do not fall between the cracks.   

Defining Success

In addition to running the numbers to make data-driven decisions, we have to be aware of what our customers are experiencing. This means owning the relationship with each and every user we come in contact with. It is our job to ask the right questions, dig into the right details, and provide the right game plan. We need to fully understand our customers, their goals, and their timelines to ensure they are as successful as possible.  

Meet Rachel and see what it’s like to work on the Customer Success Team.

Additionally, we need to own our knowledge of the industry. While it is critical that our customers are happy, it is absolutely imperative that we do what we can to make them successful. That means we need to learn not only about our customer needs, but about trends and best practices in the industry and world. This can include pointers on how to make the most effective event website, or how to build a successful registration process.  Without this knowledge, we can only provide a small view into a real successful strategy. 

Owning It in Action

We recently worked with a customer on one of the largest events we’ve hosted on the Bizzabo event management platform. The customer’s goals for the event were very ambitious and they were determined to significantly increase the results from the flagship year. In the end, they were able to more than double their attendance. To make this happen, the Bizzabo team had to take a multi step approach.

First, we needed to collect the data from the previous year. We spent time asking questions about what the goals were and why they were set to that standard. We evaluated the processes that resulted in the numbers and any lessons learned. Next, we positioned ourselves as an extension of the customer’s team. We sat down, put our heads together, and strategized the event. It isn’t enough to train our customers on what the platform does or how it works. Bizzabo CSMs need to go beyond and put their “organizer hat” on to really find plans and processes that will work for the customer and bring in the right numbers.

Finally, we pride ourselves on staying in the know. We constantly read industry blogs and news to learn about new trends or case studies. Our goal is to be able to recommend new approaches or discourage poor practices. 


Wrapping Up: The Path to Ownership

Overall, the Bizzabo Customer Success Team is a lean, mean, personable machine!  Each member contributes a different strength and owns various projects to bring the team to new heights. Our day-to-day responsibilities demand that our interpersonal skills match our analytical skills. 

Throughout my entire journey in the world of events, I’ve been able to learn a lot about the industry and about myself. Trying my hand at different approaches to events was very helpful in a few key takeaways:

  • As an intern I learned, in everything you do, despite how small or big the task is, put your name on it! Take pride in and own what your efforts are.
  • In each of the previous jobs I realized, you will learn something each step of the way. You might learn that you love certain tasks, or hate certain situations. Everything will help you make better decisions and own your own future.
  • At Bizzabo I’ve learned the most about stepping up and owning your actions. You have the ability to create your own success.  

Interested in finding a career where you can Own It? Click the button below and explore careers at Bizzabo.  


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