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26 October 2021 

Bizzabo Acquires TeeVid and Launches New Ultimate Video Production Suite

Eran Ben-Shushan

Bizzabo is acquiring TeeVid and introducing the Ultimate Video Production Suite to enable immersive experiences for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

We’re thrilled to share the news of our acquisition of the leading video platform, Teevid, alongside the announcement of our upcoming Ultimate Video Production Suite.

TeeVid will power the Ultimate suite, an additional tool for Bizzabo customers who depend on video to engage event audiences. Event Experience Leaders will be able to create immersive TV-like experiences for every type of event. Seamlessly integrated into the Event Experience Operating System, the Ultimate Video Production Suite makes it easy to go all-in on video.

Video is a crucial part of hybrid event strategies and allows organizers to deliver personalized, immersive experiences and empowers them with flexibility and choice. And its importance will only continue to grow. Because video has the potential to drive high Return on Event (ROE), many event planners will use video as an interactive element to keep attendees engaged for years to come.

Yet it’s often a struggle for Event Experience Leaders to achieve the high-quality production value they envision, which leads them to compromise on quality, which lowers engagement or hire a production agency, which can become costly, complex, and out of scope for many organizations. With Ultimate, we will introduce a comprehensive, expanded video production suite so organizers can run an event from start to finish by themselves.

TV & Ultimate CTA

World-Class Video Technology

Teevid allows creators to tell their stories as they imagined them. The technology streamlines the process of creating, producing, and broadcasting virtual events and maximizing attendee engagement through unique storytelling experiences.

Bizzabo customers will now be able to craft impactful production-level events in just a few clicks while controlling every aspect from start to finish. Online studio capabilities enable stunning, branded content that will capture and keep the attention of even the most virtual-weary audiences.

With TeeVid, Bizzabo’s Ultimate Video Production Suite will make it easy to:

  • Create live and interactive events, webinars, and meetings for an unlimited number of attendees
  • Empower producers to control “main stage” and attendee view layouts, including organizing “main stage” panels that seamlessly connect remote speakers to in-person audiences
  • Conduct breakout sessions that provide in-person and remote participants the same immersive experience
  • Publish user-generated content with ease and incorporate polls and quizzes for increased engagement
  • Create promotional videos for in-person events and libraries of on-demand video content

World-Class Video Expertise

We’re equally thrilled to welcome TeeVid’s team of world-class video experts to Bizzabo as we continue to invest in empowering event experiences.

The company’s team has built a fully independent infrastructure, leveraging open-source technologies alongside its proprietary code. While many companies have focused solely on developing producer applications, TeeVid’s offering is a comprehensive, expanded video production suite.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

TeeVid is our third acquisition in the last five months, following our acquisitions of and Whalebone. Earlier this month, we introduced an entirely new category — Event Experience — and our custom-built, open platform, the Event Experience OS.

It’s an incredibly exciting time at Bizzabo and we’re laser-focused on innovating and investing in the future of events, together. (P.S. We’re hiring and welcoming all applicants, whether they’re planning to work remotely or in one of our offices).

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