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Event Planning & Management
29 June 2016 

30 Best Slack Integrations For Event Planners

David Epstein
30 Best Slack Integrations For Event Planners

Slack is one of the fastest growing technology companies in history, and for good reason. They make an instant messaging product designed for business teams that is so good, it’s changing the way people work.

Slack is a great tool for event planners to use because it can be easily accessed on any device, it can quickly create chat groups making it easy to keep teams up-to-date, and because it integrates with a plethora of other great tools, meaning that event planners can use Slack as a one-stop shop to stay on top of everything.

Here, we’ll be discussing the best Slack integrations anyone planning an event should know about. As with many other Bizzabo lists, this one will be constantly updated with new great tools, so be sure to check back later 🙂

Mention.png 1. Mention

Get a notification in Slack every time your brand is mentioned online. Use Mention to track any written post that uses a predefined keyword or keyword phrase. Want to track a competitor? You can do it with mention. Want to stay up-to-date with industry trends related to the event you’re planning? use to do jus that.

Mailchimp.png 2. Mailchimp

Receive a notification every time someone subscribes or unsubscribes from your mailing list. This Slack integration can also be used to check the status of specific email campaigns so you’ll know if it was sent, and more. This is a great tool for event marketers because it is configurable, users can choose to receive notifications about specific campaigns if they choose.

Tint.png 3. TINT

Tint makes sharing social media posts on large screens a snap. With this Slack integration, it is also possible to display Slack messages too. This could be a great tool for organizers who use Slack as part of their event attendee networking plan, or for corporate planners who want to highlight company communication during an event.

Twitter-2.png 4. Twitter

So far, Twitter is the only major social media platform to integrate with Slack, but it probably won’t be the last. With this Slack integration, users can directly share a message from Twitter to or from Slack. They can also post a link to a tweet link in Slack, and the the link will populate with rich text.

Bizzabo-1.png 5. Bizzabo

Event organizers using Bizzabo’s event event success platform will be able to see all account activity in Slack. The integration allows event planners to create a dedicated Slack channel that will pull important activities into Slack. See things like attendee form submissions, social media activity and more.


Trello.png 6. Trello

This great task management tool is even better when integrated with Slack. Now tasks that are added, or modified on Trello can be automatically pushed to pre-defined Slack channels to keep everyone on your team on the same page. The integration also allows users to add members to Trello boards from Slack.

Kayak.png 7. Kayak

This integration makes finding flights or hotels a breeze. Use the “/Kayak” command followed by any natural language query and find the perfect flight or hotel.

To-Do.png 8. To-Do

To-Do’s integration makes it easy to assign and manage work. Tasks can be created, or removed within Slack. All tasks related to a user or to a channel can be seen by simply typing “/todo.”

MeisterTask.png 9. MeisterTask

MeisterTask maximized the Slack API by creating a bi-directional integration. Users of MeisterTask can be notified whenever a new task is added or completed in a Slack channel, they can also add new to-do items from Slack and they will be imported into MeisterTask.

Done.png 10. Done

Sometimes it’s nice to celebrate the small wins. Done makes it easy for teams using Slack to do just that. Type “/Done” followed by what was accomplished and it will be sent to a dedicated Slack channel where you and your team can celebrate the accomplishment.

Arc.png 11. Arc

Rather than having to comb through Google Analytics data to see how your event website performed, Arc sends clear and concise explanations for your Google Analytics performance to a Slack channel of your choice.

Glance-1.png 12. Glance

Easily uncover metrics that matter to you with Glance. Just ask Glance questions like, “How many Facebook followers do we have,” or “what sources drive traffic to our website,” and Glance will search through your connected accounts to find the answer.

Skype.jpg 13. Skype

Want to start a Skype call within Slack? Now you can thanks to this integration. Just type “/Skype” to launch a call.

Google_Hangouts.png 14. Google Hangouts

Start a Google hangout with members of any Slack channel by typing “/Hangout”.

Zoom.png 15. Zoom

Start a Zoom video conference from any Slack channel by entering “/Zoom”.

Uber.jpg 16. Uber

For the event planner always on the road, this integration could be a lifesaver. Order an Uber X ride and get up-to-date ETAs right in Slack.

Lyft.png 17. Lyft

Rather use Lyft to order your ride? Thanks to this integration, you can do just that. Unlike Uber, you can order any type of Lyft car, and you can also set a default home and work address.

Guru.png 18. Guru

Capture your team’s collective knowledge to work more efficiently. With Guru, Slack conversations can be archived and searched for later to build a company knowledge base. Answer questions one time, and let your colleagues search for the right answers through Guru’s Slack integration.

Screenbot.jpg 19. Screenbot

Communicate more effectively with your team using Screenbot. Easily share and annotate screenshots with your team. Record your screen and share instantly made GIFs – it’s a great tool for those having to provide design feedback or support event attendees using an event app.

Appbot.jpg 20. Appbot

If you’re using an event app you better believe attendees will let you know what they think of it via reviews on the Apple App Store, or  on Google Play. Appbot makes monitoring and responding to app reviews easy. Each time a review is left in Slack, users can be notified via a dedicated channel. Users can also respond directly to reviews left in the Google Play store right from Slack.

Google_Drive-1.png 21. Google Drive

Paste a Google Drive URL in Slack, and the file will automatically be imported thanks to this simple but helpful integration.

Dropbox.png 22. Dropbox

Prefer using Dropbox instead of Drive? No problem! Dropbox allows you to import and share files in Slack too.

Box.png 23. Box

Box also has a similar Slack integration to Google Drive and Dropbox. Users can import and share Box files in Slack, though the files will still be hosted on Box (as is the case with Drive and Dropbox).

HelloSign.png 24. HelloSign

Get notified when a shared document is signed. This is a great tool for event planning consultants with outstanding contracts and for event planners sharing contracts with third-party vendors. This tool will also notify Slack users when a contract has not be signed for a set period of time.

Meekan_Scheduling_Assistant.png 25. Meekan Scheduling Assistant

One thing about event planners is true, nearly all of them are busy all of the time. Meekan is a lifesaver because it can schedule meetings between Slack users by searching calendars for open times. Slack users can ask Meekan to do things like “Schedule a meeting Tuesday afternoon and book a conference room.”

Tomatobot.png 26. Tomatobot

We’ve mentioned the Pomodoro method before, it is a management method designed to boost productivity and creativity. To practice it, just set a time for 25-40 minutes and focus on the task at hand, then take a break. Record distracting thoughts as you work and revisit them later. Tomatobot helps you practice this productivity hack by integrating time tracking, and to-do lists in Slack.

HourStack.png 27. HourStack

This is a great tool for event consultants and for those who want to see how they spend their time. Using a series of simple Slack commands, HourStack makes it easy to log your hours and to see how you spend your time to work smarter.

Limnu.png 28. Limnu

A picture is worth 1,000 words, with Limnu you can communicate in whiteboard drawings directly in Slack. For this Slack integration to work, users will need to have a Limnu trial or paid account.

Gif_Keyboard.png 30. Gif Keyboard

Sometimes the only way to express yourself is with Gifs, Gif Keyboard makes sharing how you feel easy. Simply type “/Gif” followed by a few words that express how you’re feeling, and Gif Keyboard will search millions of Gifs to find the right one.

Slack has about 2.3 million daily active users to-date, and that number will continue to grow as more organizations adopt it. These integrations will help event organizers communicate and manage events from a centralized place, helping them to focus more on the important stuff instead of having to switch between multiple platforms to get things done.

To learn more about an event management software that integrates with Slack, and can help you save noticeable amounts of time, click the button below!

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