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3 September 2013 

Announcing New Features To Boost Event Engagement

Emma Borochoff

Engagement is the key success factor of events. Mobile is becoming the heart of engagement and interaction between attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and event content itself.  Keeping this in mind, we decided to introduce new features that can up the event engagement game while providing some pretty sexy, insightful analytics for event organizers.

Know Who’s Interested in You

We took one of LinkedIn’s most popular features and made it available to all Bizzabo-powered events. Event attendees will now be able to see who’s viewed their profile at a specific event.  Users will receive a push notification when their profile is viewed and if they’re getting popular! Now it’s easier than ever to reach out to those interested in meeting you! Trust us, your guests are going to love this one.

push notification alert
More Social Buzz for Your Event

Bizzabo users have always been able to announce their presence and check-ins to an event on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but now there’s even more to share.  Users can now share their favorite sessions, speakers, and event partners with their social networks.  This means more social impressions and more organic buzz for your event (did we mention more tickets sold?)


“Like” It Real Good

Funny how a little thumbs up button can convey so much.  Give the power to your attendees to express who and what they like about your event – with the simplicity of a tap of their finger.  Not only will attendees now have an easy feedback mechanism, but they can see who else shares their interests and have yet another stepping stone for effective networking.  Everyone wins.  Like!

Back It Up With Numbers

More engagement means more data.  More feedback. More numbers (and we LOVE numbers).  Our push to give attendees more interactive, engaging features means more information for the event organizers.  We’ve completely reworked our analytics dashboard to give organizers insights into the most popular sessions and speakers, the number of messages and interactions between attendees, as well as the number and volume of social impressions per platform the event creates.  With the ability to track attendee social shares made through the app, organizers can see the social media impressions their event made(some events in the past have had over 1million impressions!), thus turning attendees into powerful brand promoters.


Our new features are sure to amp up your event’s engagement and give you the insight you need to understand your attendees and make your event even better.  Want to learn more about our sweet new features?  We’d love to hear from you!

P.S. We just got a fantastic writeup on The Next Web- check it out!

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