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Bizzabo news | 29 February 2016

Announcing A Slack Integration For Tech Savvy Event Professionals

David Epstein

As an organizer, you probably know that internal team communication is essential in order to create an amazing event. At Bizzabo, we handle our internal communication with the help of Slack – a real-time group chat built for exceptional teams.

Slack is an instant messaging platform that allows for fluid communication, and helps to unclutter email inboxes as a result. Rather than sending short emails to one another, teams using Slack simply send brief instant messages that can be received and replied to in real time.

In order to provide our tech savvy event planners who use Slack with even more functionality,, we’re releasing a Slack integration. This integration will allow event planners using Bizzabo to view all Bizzabo related activities in a dedicated Slack channel!

As a Bizzabo customer, once Slack is connected to Bizzabo, users will be able to create an internal  communication channel dedicated to the events being planned on the Bizzabo platform.

This empowers event planning teams to communicate about the latest developments surrounding the planning process. Plus, the integration allows customers to receive real-time notifications regarding Bizzabo activity without having to be on the Bizzabo platform.

Want to know when an event attendee actually registered for your event? Now you can get real-time updates right in Slack, so event planners can stay in the know wherever they go.

To learn more about connecting Bizzabo and Slack, check out this FAQ.

If you aren’t a Bizzabo customer, and want to experience the power of an event planning software platform with an awesome Slack integration, click the button below!

Stay up to date with Bizzabo's latest.

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