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21 March 2019 

30 Amsterdam Event Venues That Your Attendees Will Love

Maria Waida
30 Amsterdam Event Venues That Your Attendees Will Love

Looking to plan an event in Venice of the North? Check out this list of 30 incredible Amsterdam event spaces.

In the thirteenth century, Amsterdam was founded as a fishing village next to the river from which the city gets its name. In the following centuries, Amsterdam would undergo a radical transformation, laying the foundation for the beginning of the Golden Age.

Nowadays, Amsterdam is best known for its picturesque canals and coffee shops. The liberal metropolis may have come a long way since its modest inception, but Amsterdam still has the classic, old-world charm all European cities share.

If you’re hoping to plan an event and need to know about the best event venues in Amsterdam, take a look at these great options.

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1. Transformatorhuis – Westergasterrein

Transformatorhuis - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource:Westergasfabriek

Location: West

Capacity: 10,000

This Amsterdam event venue used to house an energy company responsible for producing carburetted water gas. Originally built in 1904, this space now plays host to a variety of professional and private events. The unusually high roof paired with tall, narrow windows leaves quite an impression. The industrial feel adds character and charm to the atmosphere. Bonus: the venue is dedicated to sustainability and is currently pursuing an LED lighting project to help reduce their electricity usage, bringing its legacy full circle.

2. DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station

DoubleTree - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 500

The DoubleTree in Centrum, Amsterdam has a lot of options available for both small professional events and large social gatherings. The SkyLounge offers city skyline views for classy occasions. Their meeting rooms make mindfulness an integrated part of the event experience with their own simplified booking system and environmentally conscious features. And don’t worry about the weather. The DoubleTree offers both outdoor and indoor event space on their rooftop. There is truly something for everyone at this Amsterdam event space.

3. De Melkweg

De Melkweg - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Melkweg Amsterdam

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 1,500

Polished granite and sleek stages are what’s waiting for your next event inside the Melkweg. Their two main spaces (known as the Oz and Upstairs) have detailed specs and layouts available for planner right on the website. Known for its contribution to pop culture and music, the Melkweg is great for events starring concerts, film screenings, or other multimedia entertainment. One of the more technically advanced event venues on this list, the Melkweg mixes cutting edge features with modern coolness for any great event. Plus, the entrance itself is simply stunning and will impress any attendee who gets to pass through its archway.

4. Pakhuis De Zwijger

Pakhuis De Zwijger - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

Location: Oost

Capacity: 1,000

This versatile event venue in Amsterdam has been home to many performing arts events as well as some tasty cafe treats. Established in 2006, Pakhuis De Zwijger has been known as a venue with a “what you see is what you get” vibe. The atmosphere is typically cultured and casual. If you’re in the process of choosing the right event venue, consider whether or not the laid back yet sophisticated vibe of a space like this one fits your goals. It’s perfect for budding creatives, fun corporate types, or a group that just needs a change of pace.

5. Roei-en Zeilvereniging De Amstel

Roei-en - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Op ten Noort Blijdenstein

Location: Zuid

Capacity: 500

Since 1874 this Amsterdam event venue has been home to some of the city’s largest rowing clubs. They’re currently undergoing some great upgrades. For example, old school keys have been replaced with electronic access codes along with some other modern technology you’ll want to take advantage of. They also offer lots of services for event planners to make their jobs easier. If you’re interested in hosting an event at this gorgeous river locale, make sure to check their calendar and pick a date that isn’t during a competition.

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6. Amstelkerk

Amstelkerk - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Paradiso

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 550

A marriage of spectacular acoustics and breathtaking scenery can be found at Amstelkerk. The quirky wooden church has a lot of history. It was originally built in the 17th-century and rumor has it Napoleon himself once stole his own horse back from here. Hopefully, your guests won’t lose any of their favorite furry creatures but if they do, the glorious sound of live music coming from this Amsterdam event venue might turn their evening around. Consider hosting your next event in this decedent and historic space.

7. Studio Pistache

Studio - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Barts Boekje

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 80

This Amsterdam venue produces some of the best pizza the city has ever tasted by day and some of its greatest events by night. Although their website is currently under construction, Studio Pistache gets rave reviews on Yelp. The open-air space allows plenty of natural light to flood in and, thanks to its restaurant endeavors, the building has your food and alcoholic beverages already taken care of for you. They have a small seating area (not pictured here) in addition to their mini kitchen, dining area, and open floor space.

8. Koninklijke Amsterdamsche Roei- en Zeilvereeniging De Hoop

Koninklijke - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Uitgelicht

Location: Oosterparkbuurt

Capacity: 250

If there’s one activity that Amsterdam loves, its rowing. The second riverside sports club on our list so far, this Amsterdam event venue promises both class and prestige for your next affair. They host numerous feasts and parties throughout the year. If beautiful views, personal attention, and exquisite culinary offerings are your jam, this might be the right Amsterdam event space for you. You can even hire a teacher to do group sailing or rowing lessons if your guests are into that kind of thing!

9. Your Space Amsterdam

Amsterdam Event Venues - YourSpaceTheGreenhouseSource: Your Space Amsterdam

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 30

The photo says it all. This Amsterdam event venue pairs sleek and simple furniture with lush green foliage and bright walls, creating a warm and airy atmosphere. The venue team is experienced at planning and booking events. They offer a variety of food and beverage packages, suggested floor plans, and an assortment of presentation tools for corporate gatherings. This lush indoor garden atmosphere brings a much-needed touch of nature to harsh Amsterdam winters. But it’s still delightful at every other time of year as well.

10. The Playing Circle – Het Vaudeville Theater

Playing Circle - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource:

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 22

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, this event space offers small to medium gatherings a place to exist. Inside the Old Vaudeville Theater, the Playing Circle is perfect for intimate meetings or cocktail parties. The facility also includes tools to help present a variety of creative or corporate workshops. And if performance art is something your audience would love, what better place to entertain them than in an actual theater?

11. Beurs Van Berlage

Beurs Van Berlage - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Unique Venues of Amsterdam

Location: De Wallen

Capacity: 2,500

This Amsterdam conference center really brings the heat with an impressive atmosphere, fantastic location, and top-notch facilities. The venue has been home to many events, fairs, exhibitions, and prestigious conferences. As you can probably tell, the lighting capabilities of this space are pretty cool. And you’ve got easy access to a stage and screen for presentations. They also have smaller rooms (not pictured above) that you can rent out for more modest gatherings.

12. Tolhuistuin

Tolhuistuin - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Let it Grow

Location: Noord

Capacity: 1,000

Arts and culture abound at Tolhuistuin. Their various spaces include an outdoor location, an underlying garden, a restaurant, and smaller conference rooms. Their garden space is a real standout. Since the 19th century, it has played host to live music for the well-to-do middle class of Amsterdam. Now its winding pathways and magical lawns can welcome your special guests. If your event requires a little nature paired with a healthy dose of whimsy, this is the place for you.

13. TOBACCO Theater

Tobacco Theater - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Tobacco Theater

Location: De Wallen

Capacity: 500

Industrial, fresh, and sturdy is the name of the game at the Tobacco Theater. Located in Amsterdam’s cultural district, this event venue is the perfect place for theater dinners, product demos, and music performances. The former tobacco auction house also comes with a unique lighting system you can use to customize the atmosphere of your event. You can host events where guests are seated at their long tables or standing for drinks and networking. Either way, the Tobacco Theater is a refreshing addition to this Amsterdam event venue list.

14. De Hallen Studios

De Hallen Studios - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: De Hallen Studios

Location: Kinkerburt

Capacity: 800

De Hallen Studios is another fresh and lively addition to this Amsterdam event venues list. Each of their versatile spaces showcases unique themes and decor. Studio 1 is great for both one-of-a-kind presentations and late-night atmospheres. Studio 2, pictured above, has the characteristics of an old tram depot. And the Foyer & Green Room provides a small, brightly colored space filled with plants and flowers. No matter which room you choose, all of your events come with on-site help and coordination from the studio’s team.

15. The Startup Orgy

Startup Orgy - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Coworker

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 150

The Startup Orgy is, as you can already tell, a cheeky brand hell-bent on bringing Amsterdam’s most genius fledgling tech brands to its halls. By day it hosts a members-only co-working space. By night it serves as the backdrop for many corporate and private events with intelligent and interesting guests. The industrial style and location make it a must have for any business related gathering. It’s also great for networking or any hands-on workshops that require a lot of table space.

16. Felix Meritis

Felix - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Amsterdam Canal District

Location: Negen Straatjes

Capacity: 850

Although the Felix is currently undergoing renovations, this Amsterdam event venue has certainly earned its place in our hearts and on our future “to book” lists. This place has everything you could possibly want. Book one or more of the following spaces: the concert hall, column hall, Shaffy room, dome room, drawing room, star room, or observatory. After its remodeling is complete it’s going to be hard to get ahold of this venue so keep a close eye on their booking site for its reopening in early 2020.

17. Hôtel Droog

Droog - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Frameweb

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 150

Much like the last Amsterdam venue we discussed, Droog has six custom-designed spaces for planners to take advantage of. They’ve hosted everything from weddings to exhibitions to live music. Plus they have many catering and in-house tech support services to help you pull it all off. As you can tell from the photo, each space is like eye candy. Their distinct personalities are sure to leave a great impression on your guests.

18. Westerliefde

Westerliefde - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Westerliefde

Location: West

Capacity: 850

It’s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous red brick wonderland of industrial romance. Whether you’ve got donors to impress or you’re celebrating one of the most important days of your life, Westerliefde is an incredible place to do it. Their many lighting options transform the mood in miraculous ways so if you want industrial charm and customization, this is the place for you.

19. Undercurrent

Undercurrent - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Attika Architekten

Location: Noord

Capacity: 1,000

This dramatic oceanfront venue is sure to be a hit with your attendees. Undercurrent is a creative and adventurous location for a wide range of events at any time of the year. With it, you get a great view of the Amsterdam skyline, minimalist style, and a tailor-made event experience complete with furniture, decor, and catering all booked through the venue’s event team.

20. West-Indisch Huis

West - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Unique Venues of Amsterdam

Location: Haarlemmerbuurt

Capacity: 700

Peace and quiet await you at this regal Amsterdam event space. If you want to treat your guests to an impressive entryway, consider this venue’s gated courtyard. Each of its six available spaces has its own personality but they all have one thing in common; they serve as an exquisite setting for your most high-end events. If you want to make your guests feel like royalty, this Amsterdam event venue is perfect for you.

21. Rembrandt Tower Boardroom

Rembrandt - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Oost

Capacity: 3,500

This sleek and stylish corporate meeting space feels like success. Located high above a river, this Amsterdam event venue is stunning any time of day. If your event strategy includes impressing your clients with amazing views and a luxe professional atmosphere, this venue is for you. You can also throw a themed brunch or bridal shower at this classy venue. Plus they offer a variety of bar and catering options if you need to loosen some ties.

22. Fashion Factory DV

Fashion Factory - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: IVY LEE

Location: Noord

Capacity: 10,000

Home to Amsterdam’s largest fashion event, the conference hall provides ample opportunity for creative exhibitions, workshops, and more. Expos, stores, and fantastic cuisine are all frequently presented at this location. As long as you don’t try to book it during Amsterdam’s fashion week, this stylish venue can be home to any of your large, upcoming events. It’s by far the most spacious of any event venue on this list or in Amsterdam as a whole, so we highly encourage international conference planners to check this one out.

23. Meet Berlage

Meet Berlage - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Meet Berlage

Location: De Wallen

Capacity: 1,300

This Amsterdam event space is yet another example of the many choices event planners have in this great city. Six seems to be the magic number in the Netherlands as we feature yet another venue with this many rooms to choose from. Your options for spaces include meetings, training, events, co-working, desks, and office. They’re all gorgeous so really you can’t go wrong!

24. House of Amsterdam

House of Amsterdam - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Greater Venues

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 150

This Amsterdam event venue has been described as both historic and modern all at the same time. The distinctive space was a sugar factory back in the 18th century. It’s fully equipped with dazzling staircases, painted ceilings, and a silent garden. You can use their multifunctional lofts for presentations or cocktail hours. Or present a glamorous sit-down dinner for 80 of your closest friends.

25. Gewoonboot

Gewoonboot - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Inspiratieoplocatie

Location: Noord

Capacity: 35

Host your next meeting on the water at Gewoonboot. According to their website, it’s both accessible and affordable, not to mention surprisingly nicely situated. The floating meeting space is self-sustaining and has its own source of power and energy. They offer all modern facilities on board as well as fully catered food and drinks.

26. Gashouder

Gashouder - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: The Department of Dance

Location: West

Capacity: 3,500

Located near the gasworks complex, Gashouder is another stunning venue inside a former industrial building. Commonly used as a large-scale nightclub, the venue can also transform for slightly more intimate gatherings with a seated capacity of 2,500. The chamber is large and pillar-less, making it an architectural marvel your guests won’t soon forget.

27. Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina

Cafe - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Cityness AMS

Location: Oost

Capacity: 230

Wilhemina is one of the edgier additions to this list of Amsterdam event venues. To give you an idea of their general vibe, they regularly host rock and roll karaoke. They also host parties and live music. If your event is for a hip crowd, this might be a great place to host it. Use your event management software to coordinate any bands or entertainers in addition to your other event partners.

28. Amstel Jewel Cruises

Amstel Jewel - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 400

Amsterdam has amazing canals and this event space allows your guests to experience them up close. Their dinner cruise has won numerous awards and the venue’s event staff helps guide you through their process step-by-step. For private events, Amsterdam Jewel cruises can whip up a buffet style or sit down meal. So if exquisite food and views are what you’re looking for, your guests are in for a treat with this Amsterdam event space.

29. Femmeli

Femmeli - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Yelp

Location: De Pijp

Capacity: n/a

Femmeli is most widely known for its delicious tapas and small plates (so much so that pictures of the venue’s interior are few and far between). Not to worry though. This indoor and outdoor venue will provide an intimate gathering of foodies with a smorgasbord of tasty treats. Casual yet refined, Femmeli is perfect for relaxed corporate events, birthday parties, and slightly more upscale game day celebrations.

30. De Duif

De Duif - Amsterdam Event VenuesSource: Roeland Koning

Location: Centrum

Capacity: 400

A prestigious and unique location canal-side in Amsterdam, De Duif truly is exceptional. The elegant neoclassicist building conceals a remarkably grand interior. The former church is no stranger to concerts, recitals, and weddings. Despite its age (162 years old and counting), De Duif is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for all your meeting and conference needs. They also offer an updated heating system, washrooms, and food preparation facilities.

Wrapping Up: Find The Best Amsterdam Event Space

If you’re planning an event, you have a lot to think about. But this list of curated Amsterdam event venues should help narrow it down for you. Whenever you officially choose an event space, remember to make sure it fits your event goals and strategy. No matter what you choose, your event is going to bring together lots of great people for an experience they’ll always remember, regardless of what venue it’s hosted in.

If you’re thinking about planning events elsewhere, you might want to explore the lovely options available in one of these major cities:

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