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2 October 2021 

Meet the New Bizzabo Brand

Alon Alroy
Alon Alroy
Meet the New Bizzabo Brand

We redesigned our brand identity to reflect our vision for the future of Event Experiences.

Today marks an incredible milestone for Bizzabo: We’ve launched a new category, Event Experience, and introduced the first-of-its-kind Event Experience Operating System to help organizers drive success in this new era.

This moment has been months, and even years, in the making. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have the opportunity to serve our community of Event Experience Leaders and to empower them to create immersive, flexible, and personalized event experiences.

In many ways, we’re introducing a completely new Bizzabo, one that has been purpose-built from the ground up to empower Event Experience Leaders to develop hybrid strategies and push the limits of their creativity to engage event participants — attendees, speakers, and sponsors — with meaningful and powerful experiences no matter where they are in the world.

With this vision in mind, we’ve embraced the opportunity to completely redesign our brand. When you log into Bizzabo or visit Bizzabo.com today, you’ll see what we’ve been working so hard on. This has truly been a journey, and we’re excited to share some of the highlights here.

Bizzabo Logos - Bizzabo Brand

We’re Ready for Something New

At Bizzabo, we believe events have the power to change the world, and in many ways, we are watching the world change before our eyes.

Back in March 2020, the entire world was shutting down. Our industry, and our business alongside it, was on the brink of collapse as in-person events around the world were being canceled. It was time to come together as a team, think outside of the box, and help support our industry we care so much about. Within 2 weeks, on March 20, 2020, we were the first event technology company to launch a virtual event solution.

We clawed our way to something new and meaningful, and in the process, we’ve been in the driver’s seat as the events industry has undergone massive disruption and transformation. This has guided our vision for the Event Experience Operating System, and it’s reinforced the crucial role our brand plays in articulating our mission to the world.

Our Vision for the Future

As we set out to empower Event Experience Leaders, we knew we had to take the Bizzabo brand to an entirely new place — one with human connection at its core.

We are living in a hybrid world, where our day-to-day experiences are a seamless meld of the digital and physical. We order dinner via an app (digital) and have it delivered to our door (physical). We get on a bike (physical) and get encouragement from a trainer and a community online (digital). We use our phone to call a ride (digital) and a driver comes to meet us wherever we are (physical).

Events have struggled to meet this reality, in large part because event management software has treated the digital component as a “bolt-on” rather than a purpose-built solution and experience.

When we think about a hybrid world, we think bigger. We think about the whole world having this deeply human experience — moving fluidly between digital and physical experiences. And that insight helped to clarify the values our exciting new brand needs to communicate: Creativity. Inclusivity. Flexibility. Responsibility.

Bizzabo event planning

From BizzaBlue to BizzaYellow

Perhaps the most obvious change to our new brand identity are the colors. We’re retiring our beloved BizzaBlue and introducing a bold yellow as our primary hue. Blue has become ubiquitous across event technology companies, almost undifferentiated.

Bizzabo is built for innovators, for those who dare to go beyond what everyone else does. Our brand needs to be a beacon of change in a sea of sameness.

Colors - Bizzabo Brand

Alongside our energetic and expressive BizzaYellow, we’re using a palette of colors that speak to the qualities of Event Experience Leaders. These are creative colors for creative individuals!

More Human Events

When creating our new logo and identity, we wanted to use bold, fun, human elements that reflect the kinds of event experiences we make possible through our Event Experience OS.

Bizzabo events

The “B” in “Bizzabo” is bouncy, to express humanity and fluidity. Combined with a more geometric style of letters, it shows our unique approach to a hybrid future, and the connection between digital and physical.

And since we’re empowering Event Experience Leaders to create nimble strategies, we baked that concept into our logo where other letters besides the B take on the hand-drawn quality, emphasizing our flexibility and hybrid-ready approach.

Events are about real people and real connections, so our brand should be, too.

That’s why we’ve used authentic photography and bold, colorful and whimsical illustrations that speak to the magic our customers can create when they choose Bizzabo.

And our new website is where it all comes together. It’s bold, creative, clear, and unique — just like our team of 300+ Bizzaboers, our thinking, and our Event Experience OS.

Event Experiences are the future. Bizzabo is helping to build that future by fostering a warm, welcoming, and energizing space where we can help organizations, enterprises, and agencies grow.

Photography - The Bizzabo Brand

Experience the Event Experience OS

Please join us on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, for a very special Bizzabo event – one packed with exciting announcements and an exclusive showcase of product innovations. RSVP to save your spot today.

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