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Event orchestration | 24 February 2015

8 Killer Google Extensions Perfect For #EventProfs

Rachel Siford

Google Extensions are  add-ons to Google Chrome that allows users to  customize their browser. This means that each user can create a better experience for his or her self. We’ve profiled the best Google Chrome Extensions that will save event professionals time. Check out our list of the 8 best Chrome Extensions #eventprofs should download now.

1. Pocket

Pocket is a Google Extension perfect for event planners. It gives them an easy, organized way to save web pages. Each day we all find great content online, but don’t always have time to learn from it. Pocket stores these articles and syncs them to a downloadable smartphone app. That way, you can read the articles you find online at your leisure.

2. Boomerang Calendar

This extension is perfect for Gmail users. Boomerang Calendar lets you schedule meetings and appointments within your email. #Eventprofs are busy, this is a tool designed to simplify scheduling. Boomerang allows users to send many possible times to a recipient. The recipient just chooses the time that works best for them. Boomerang will also sync with your existing calendars.

3. Pushbullet

Ever work on your computer and be distracted by a buzzing phone? Stop having to glance at your phone every few minutes to read your notifications. Pushbullet will send the notifications that appear on your phone straight to your desktop. Download the Pushbullet app and extension to get started!

4. Facebook Invite All 

#Eventprofs should be marketing their events on social media. A good way to do that is by creating an event on Facebook. Now, you can invite people to an event with this extension without having to deal with cumbersome lists.

5. Social Analytics 

Social Analytics is a useful extension that allows you to view visitor engagement on various social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. This is great for #eventprofs because they can see what posts are doing well and how their audience is reacting to it.

6. Productivity Owl 

Whoooo doesn’t want to be more productive… see what I did there? Productivity Owl will end time wasting habits on the internet. Owl allows you a certain amount of time you to get the information you need on a web page before locking you out if the website. It helps you learn to how to find what you need fast instead of dilly-daddling on a website. Owl comes with a cool feature that lets you give productive websites a “free pass.” That way, you have unlimited time to browse them.

7. Hangouts

We’ve all heard of Google Hangouts, this extension makes it more accessible and fun. It allows you to share photos and other media in group conversations, or one-on-one. This is ideal for #eventprofs because it will allows you to talk quickly with staff, attendees and speakers.

8. AddThis 

This extension allows you to share web content on many social media networks in one place. AddThis supports over 300 social media sites, so it’ll save you a lot of time. The extension also allows you to print, translate and bookmark pages! This makes sharing things on social media less tedious.

Download these extensions on Google Chrome and your life to save yourself a little time!

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