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Event Marketing
3 February 2015 

8 Great Free Image Resources For Your Event Website

Siobhan Becker
8 Great Free Image Resources For Your Event Website

Whether you’re building your event website, or promoting an event on social media, you need high-quality images as part of your marketing collateral. If you think otherwise, consider a study conducted by the National Press Photographers Association, which concludes that professionally taken photographs are twice as likely to be shared online compared to photographs taken by an amateur.

Bottom line: high-quality photos can help you generate more buzz surrounding an event! However, #EventProfs don’t have to be professional photographers to make their posts sleek and stylish. Whether you’re running a blog or creating promotional graphics for your event, the following 7 free image resources will help you create beautiful content with ease.

Photo Pin

1. PhotoPin

A photo service that allows you to search for the exact photos you need. You must give attribution when you use one of PhotoPin’s pictures, but the good news is that PhotoPin makes providing attribution easy. Select the image size you want, check the individual photo’s license (just click on the photo) and paste the attribution code at the bottom of your blog post and voilà.

Death to stock photo

2. Death To The Stock Photo

A digital subscription service that sends you free stock photos every month. Photos are delivered to your inbox, plus you get 10 photos for signing up with your email. The photos emailed to you are based on a theme, like nature, or office spaces. They have some great photos of computers and smart phones which can be helpful when showcasing an event website or event app.

Snapwire Snaps

3. Snapwire Snaps

Snapwire Media has a Tumblr account that posts new images every month. Additionally, Snapwire Snaps will send you 7 free photos to your inbox every week if you register to receive their emails.

You can also download free bundles so you’ll have plenty of photos on hand to use for later. All photos by Snapwire Snaps are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero, which means you can copy, edit and distribute all of their photos, even for commercial use, and you do not have to give credit to the photographer.

Upsplash stock photos

4. Unsplash

A free image source, Unsplash posts 10 new photos every 10 days. You can filter your search by subject, or browse through the gallery by scrolling.

Public Domain Archive

5. Public Domain Images

Created by a web designer with an eye for high quality images, Public Domain Images offers high-quality photographs that are free of copyright restriction under CC0. The images are divided into three categories, vintage, modern and weekly images making it easier for users to find ones perfect for their event marketing needs.

Pixabay stock photos for event planners

6. Pixabay

Search for a specific photo or browse from 310,000 available images. Pixabay’s photos are licensed under the CC0, however sponsored premium ShutterStock photos also appear on the website.

Pexels images for conferences

7. Pexels

This free image resource gathers high-quality photos from other free image sources like Unsplash. You can expect at least 35 new photos a week.

Picjumbo to promote an event

8. Picjumbo

A unique factor of Picjumbo is that it offers a “Test Drive” feature that gives you a preview of how each photo will appear on several website and blog templates. That way, you can quickly select the stock photo that is right for your project without having to waste time download photos that don’t end up working.

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