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Event orchestration | 9 December 2013

7 Top Event Tech Must-Haves for Conferences

Stephanie Brenner
There are always 101 things that need to get done when planning an event, but for a forward thinking event pro, these event technology tools can help create real value to your next big conference. These tech must-haves drive attendee event registration, interaction, and satisfaction for the modern conference.

1. Dedicated Event Hashtag– Staying active on social media can help result in more attendance and more buzz around your event. Learn how to choose the perfect Twitter hashtag and start trending for your next event. After you have the right hashtag, promote the heck out of it! Your hashtag allows attendees, speakers and organizers to join and influence the conversations happening around your event.

2. Charging stationsWe have all these new, snazzy, mobile must-haves for events, but nothing can kill a conference like a flashing low battery sign. In case of an emergency like this, every event should have charging stations for your attendees’ (and your!) devices. They’re also an awesome place for attendees to coordinate meetups.


3. Event App – Your attendees are on the go and they expect your event info, speaker bios, venue map and all the other event goodies to fit in their pocket. There’s an app for that! An event app provides attendees with a mobile event resource, allows real-time engagement, saves printing costs, and provides more sponsorship opportunities.  Attendees will be glued to their phone anyway, why not reach them where they’re already looking? Check out how Bizzabo can help you mobilize your upcoming conference.

4. Social Media Management Tool Between managing the budget, location, agenda, venue, speakers and sponsors, who has the time to manage the event activity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts? A social media management platform like Hootsuite or TweetDeck lets you create streams to keep tabs on what people are saying about your event as well as schedule posts in advance.


5.  Digital Guest Check-In System – There’s nothing quite like the headache of managing and tracking lists on lists (on lists) of attendee names while keeping everything updated and running smoothly.  Get rid of your paper lists and streamline the process with a digital platform like one of our friends from Boomset.

6. Networking Platform – You’ve planned a great event, wrangled some awesome speakers and attracted tons of leading professionals. Guess what? Your content is awesome but your attendees came to network. You should help them meet each other! An easy to use networking platform will allow attendees to see who’s coming, engage with one another and set up in-person meetings.  Read more about the benefits of an event networking platform.

7. Live streamingBroadcast your conference to a larger audience using live streaming. Companies like Livestream and LiveU allow your audience to be a part of the action without being physically present. Many of these companies offer pay-as-you-view features, so don’t worry about missing out on ticket sales from these participants. This solution will allow everyone to be a part of the awesome content shared at your next event!

Technology is becoming crucial to events from online payments to event apps. These must-haves will help take your event from great to game-changing. Stay updated with awesome resources and don’t miss out on the opportunity to implement these new event tech products into your next conference! Click the button below to enjoy!

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