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Event marketing | 22 December 2014

7 Social Media Updates #EventProfs Need to Know for 2015

Siobhan Becker

Just last month, we introduced you to 30 Social Media Networks that #EventProfs like you should use. As the new year approaches, many of these networks are making changes to their platforms. It may seem challenging to keep up with the latest updates, but the Bizzabo marketers are here to bring you up to speed with a list of 8 social media updates that #EventProfs need to know for the new year.

1. New Twitter Small Business Functions:

Twitter created a new platform and business planner app exclusively for small business owners. Twitter’s new platform, Twitter for Business, offers entrepreneurs a comprehensive guide to marketing on the social media platform. Twitter’s latest app, the Twitter Small Business Planner, allows users to personalize their learning experience and syncs with the user’s calendar.

2. Twitter Timeline Changes:

Twitter also made adjustments to its time line, adding suggested Tweets (from accounts users are not following) onto Twitter feeds. This means that the more your followers interact with you, the more your own Tweets will be suggested to their followers – thus making it easier for you to expand your social media reach.

3. New LinkedIn Homepage:

LinkedIn updated its homepage, bringing analytics and insights to the top of the page. Now when users log into LinkedIn, they will immediately see how many people have viewed their page since their last login and how many people have interacted with their updates.

4. New Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons:

Facebook introduced 7 new call-to-action buttons for their events Pages feature. Page admins can add “Sign Up,” “Book Now” or “Contact Us” buttons to the top of their pages. We think the Book Now button will be especially helpful for our #EventProfs hoping to sell tickets on the social media platform.

5. Facebook Updates Its Search:

Facebook updated its search engine to allow users to search their past status updates and posts. According to an announcement on Facebook Newsroom, users can more easily find old posts that have been shared with them.

6. New Instagram Filters:

Instagram released 5 new filters for users to choose from. The filters have been updated to keep pace with current trends in photography and design. Additionally, users can now rearrange the order of their filters.

7. Google Enhances Status Updates:

Google Plus and Chrome Hangouts rolled out a new feature that allows users to post custom status updates integrating emojis.

Now that you’re up to date on social media changes, why not read about the latest SEO strategies to overcome Google Search Updates. Get a free white paper by clicking the button below:

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