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Event orchestration | 27 October 2015

50 Task Management Tools For Business People

Sydney Dawes

We’re living in a world where technology is both the solution and cause of many problems. We’ve all spent time searching for the “best task management tools” only to find products that the tool isn’t quite developed enough to be a better alternative to the task management tools you’re already using.

Whether you’re a busy project manager, or an over-worked event organizer, here are 50 vetted task management tools that promise to make getting your work done individually or as a team, a little easier.

There’s an app for just about every task management need you may have: file sharing and collaboration, to-do list creation, notifications and reminders… it’s all at your fingertips. Not every task management tool will be right for you or your company, so check out our list of 50 task management tools to streamline your selection process.

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50 Task Management Tools

1.  Evernote: The ever-expanding Evernote allows its users to make memos, lists, or full-sized documents. You can also snap photos, save creative or inspiring web articles, and communicate with other Evernote users. Another cool feature of the task management tool is its presentation capabilities. You’ll save time by not having to create slides for your meetings!

2. Tick TickWith its sleek design and flexible scheduling options, Tick Tick can be accessed from your Android, iPhone, and nine other devices. It’s also packed with numerous features to help you prioritize and hash out a to-do list. For instance, you can let Siri do some of the work for you: Tick Tick allows users to make tasks from voice memos.

3. FlowFlow describes itself as the “project management software that simplifies teamwork.” Why not pass on playing phone tag or waiting for an email? Flow allows users to communicate in a format similar to the one used by Facebook Messenger: it keeps your conversations in one, easy-to-navigate place, making team collaboration easier.

4. TodoistThis task management tool for business people can be accessed online or offline, making it great for the event professional on the go. With its simple feature set, Todoist offers its users a distraction-free way to plan, collaborate, and finish any task.

5. Asana: Used by companies like Pinterest, Samsung, and Intel, Asana allows its users to chart what tasks have been accomplished and what still needs to be completed. No meetings, no emails: just use the platform to track your progress and the progress of your team members!

Asana project management dashboard

6. Google Calendar Chrome Extension: Google Calendar is a must for every busy business person. Map out each day and create memos and tasks to help you stay on top of your hectic schedule. Its design allows you to easily see what is ahead. Bonus: events from Gmail are automatically synced to your calendar, so you never miss a meeting or deadline again!

7. Goodtask: Goodtask allows you to put due dates on your tasks, so that it can send you reminders that become more frequent closer to the deadline. This time management app also helps you start good habits with its repeating tasks feature.

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8. Clear: Available on your Apple devices, Clear makes accomplishing a task all the more satisfying with its interactive swiping features. You can also sync it on all of your devices to keep up to date on what tasks to do, no matter where you.

clear project management suite

9. Swipes: Swipes collects your tasks from other productivity apps — like Evernote, or Mailbox by Dropbox so that you can have all of your responsibilities and commitments in one place. Then, Swipe helps you to tackle each task step by step.

10. SomTodo: SomTodo’s no-frills design helps you to get your tasks accomplished with ease and little distraction. This app revolves around deadlines: as long as you set them for each task or project. SomTodo won’t let your forget to do it.

11. Finish: Finish stands out from other task management tools because of its time frame system. Instead of seeing a long list of meetings you need to attend, people you need to call, and items you need to purchase, Finish displays what you need to accomplish in its given time frame, which is automatically selected. It will send you notifications when your deadline draws near so that you can complete a given project on time.

12. Handle: Get a handle on your life with this task management tool. With customization galore, Handle allows its users to craft tasks that contain the right amount of information: time, place, and importance. You can drag tasks to the top of your screen to make them a top priority, and thus receive more notifications about due date.

13. Begin: Begin’s minimalist design is ideal for the business people who likes to focus on tasks in a short time-span. Begin will display the tasks that need to be accomplished Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday. Any task added to the app must be due on one of those days: Begin is not a long-term task management tool.

14. Wunderlist: Wunderlist lets users organize and share their tasks. Wunderlist users can set due dates and reminders on their tasks so they’re not constantly given  reminders to complete important projects. Also, Wunderlist has a stunning collaboration feature that allows users to share lists and work on projects together.

15. Many task management tools focus on deadlines, but gives users the option of organizing tasks by category. You can create your own custom categories to suit your duties. The free version of this app is great for personal task management, but the upgrade includes collaboration features that help the rest of your team’s tasks to move right along as well.

16. DoitThis tool helps users not only keep track of tasks and commitments but also craft goals and start projects. This app emphasizes the need to juggle professional life with personal life; therefore, it provides a smooth interface to help you mesh the two together gracefully. Doit also has a feature that shows you how much work you’ve put into a certain task; this can help you to see if you put too much, too little, or just enough time into a project.

17. CarrotCarrot calls itself the “to-do list with personality.” According to Zappier, Carrot makes each task like a mini-game: once something is accomplished, the user wins a reward. When a user isn’t being productive, Carrot punishes him or her. You can’t set deadlines and reminders with this app until you reach a certain level, but if you’re looking for an entertaining way to stay productive, Carrot is the app for you.

18. Calvetica: Reviews for Calvetica brag about its impressive speed and simple design. Calvetica has multiple calendar displays—day, week, month—as well as a way to add events and manage personnel through email and SMS messaging.

19. Pocket ListsThis task management tool helps you to control all of your tasks and sub tasks in an organized outline format. You can even snap a picture of a handwritten memo or list, and it will add it to your Pocket List files. Easily find lists by giving them a relevant custom icon.

20. TrelloWith its stunning design and interactive “cards”, Trello is perfect for individual or team collaboration. The platform is flexible enough to accommodate large teams, but is easy enough to use for any interested business person to get started. Users put their tasks on “cards” that can be dragged over to different columns that signify a completion of a step. The cards can have documents or other files uploaded attached, and  team members can add comments to their cards.

Trello task management tool

21. HitaskSynchronize your way to organization with Hitask. This task manager has options for sharing calendars, attaching files, and assigning tasks to members of your team. It’s a good all-in-one task management tool for business people who prefer to view a calendar, chat interface and check list in one place.

22. AzendooConversations, integration, tasks, and file sharing, all in one place! Available on Android and iOS devices, Azendoo provides its users with a fast and easy way to collaborate. Bonus: you can even convert emails into tasks to speed up organization.

23. DropTask: Used by folks at Disney, Ralph Lauren, BBC, and Nike, this task management app plays up the use of graphics to help users visualize what they need to accomplish. See where everyone stands with their tasks, and collaborate in real time.

24. Sunrise:  Voted as one of the best calendar apps by Fast Company, Sunrise, provides users a fun to use interface, with synchronization capabilities that make calendar collaboration fast and efficient.

25. QuickBaseOne of the many tools made by Intuit, QuickBase, helps users improve accountability through notifications and reminders, as well as customizable features. Companies such as Google and Sears use QuickBase for project management. This task management platform is designed for large companies who need an advanced product to get things done.

26. Cal: A sleek and easy-to-navigate calendar app, Cal that lets users see their day at a glance. Cal allows people to send invitations to their contacts based off calendar events.

27. Google KeepAndroid users rave about Google Keep, according to Lifehacker. Google Keep, stands out among other to-do-list applications for its use of color-coding, location-based reminders, and in-note photos. It’s a must-try app for Android smart phone users interested in productivity tools.

28. EasilyDoThis task management tool is much like a digital assistant. EasilyDo can manage your email, make reservations, streamline your contacts list, track shipments, and add itineraries to your travel.

29. BasecampBasecamp has received positive reviews from many outlets for its simple design and progress-tracking charts. The makers of Basecamp pride themselves on the app’s speed and ease of use.

30. WrikeWhen your team is large and your list of tasks is larger, Wrike may be just right. This platform makes it easy to focus on big picture by tracking overall progress, allowing collaboration between team members, and clearly posting deadlines for all to see.

31. HuddleManage projects more efficiently with Huddle’s collaboration software, which has features for task assignment, progress tracking, and file sharing, if you’ve tried more mainstream tools but haven’t liked them, give Huddle a try.

32. PodioThe creators of Podio describe it as mobile, integrated, adaptable, and supportive. Podio can be accessed in your browser, on your iOS device, or on your Android, so you can access your files and create tasks wherever you are.

33. SmartsheetIf you’re a fan of the simple layout of spreadsheets, this task management tool is right for you. Access Google applications, manage emails, and share files, all on one easy to understand spreadsheet.

34. Zoho ProjectsBreak down large projects into smaller, less daunting units with Zoho Projects. This task management tool also includes time sheets to track how much time you and your co-workers take to complete certain tasks, a unique and powerful feature.

35. Apptivo: With Apptivo, you can access many other important business apps in one place: Dropbox, PayPal, Google Apps… it’s all there. Project management is simplified with its calendar that integrates projects and tasks, as well as emails and files.

36. WorkfrontThe makers of Workfront wanted to create a way for professionals to “conquer the chaos” of their busy, hectic lives. Workfront brings data and communication on a single, simple interface.

37. Business Calendar ProKeep track of your appointments and create tasks and reminders on Business Calendar Pro. Incredibly customizable and minimal, this app is great for the event professional who’s looking for a basic way to balance work responsibilities.

38. Taasky: Taasky plays up on the fact that people can only multitask for so long. With this task management app, users can select a top priority task, which will appear larger than all of the others. Taasky also has color-coded categories for you to organize your tasks.

39. Cheddar: Nearly 2 million tasks have been created since Cheddar’s birth. Everything done in Cheddar syncs over to your other devices, too. It’s simple to use: type the task, hit return, and track it unit the task has been completed.

40. PaperlessPaperless allows its users to color-code, as well as label, tasks with relevant icons. It syncs your lists between you iOS devices. Bonus: having this app also includes access to a free DropBox account!

41. CheckvistCheckvist’s core features include unlimited list items, printable checklists, list sharing, daily reports, and task delegation. It’s simple and easy to use to limit distractions.

42. TeuxDeuxThis to-do-list app can transfer from your browser to your phone so you can stay productive on the go. The format itself is very basic: type in your tasks, move them from day to day on your weekly calendar spread, and mark them as finished when the time is right. It’s that simple.

43. Due: Due helps you keep all of your tasks — even the repetitive ones — in order. With this task management tool, you can set reminders that notify you in 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals to help you form habits and stay on track.

44. NozbeWith this platform, you can connect Evernote, Dropbox, Box, or Google Apps on a minimalistic interface. Unlike other task management tools, you can ask someone to collaborate with you even if he or she does not have a Nozbe account.

45. The Hit ListCreated by Karelia software, The Hit List has features for reminders, tasks, lists, and project management. This app can also be accessed on the Apple Watch, and it comes with a syncing service upon download.

46. ToodledoToodledo is praised for its location-based reminders available on its mobile app. Users can also customize the app to display their data in a way that makes sense. The app also allows you to share files, outlines, and lists with collaborators.

47. 2DoWith 2Do, users can filter their tasks by location, date, and importance to help them stay productive and prioritize. Make organization a little easier with List Groups. “List Groups are to lists what lists are to tasks,” the makers of 2Do say. You could use List Groups to organize tasks for each event you and your team are working on.

48. KanbanFlow: KanbanFlow has inspired many other task management tools with its interactive and visual interface. You can collaborate efficiently with KanbanFlow because the actions of users on your task board can be seen by authorized collaborators. That way, you can keep track of your team’s progress and gauge what still needs to be accomplished.

49. Listacular: Have touch screen, will swipe. Listacular’s interactive program helps you to crank though your to-do list in a fun, hands-on way. Punch in a task, then swipe right to check it off your list.

50. Way of LifeWay of Life focuses on building or breaking habits. The makers of the app say you can “invest less than a minute to track, identify and change your habits.” The longer you have the app, the easier it will be to see which tasks you can cut out of your schedule, as well as which tasks could use more TLC.

Finding the best task management tools for you and your team might take some trial and error, but these 50 tools are a good place to start your journey of getting more things done.

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