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Event marketing | 1 August 2014

5 Tips To Jumpstart Event App Adoption

David Epstein

Using an event app at your next event is a great way to provide value to attendees, sponsors and speakers. Suggesting who to meet, updating attendees for last minute changes, interacting with speakers, are just a few examples of the value event apps can add to your event experience. They can maximize attendees’ precious time while at your event and help sponsors increase brand exposure and generate qualified leads. However, in order to enjoy the awesomeness that your app provides, they must actually download and use it. So here are 5 tips to increase event app adoption and keep everyone happy:

Boost Event App Adoption In 5 Steps:

1. Use Event Materials To Encourage Adoption:

Make sure to prominently feature the link to download the event app in any material distributed to attendees prior to the event. This means that all emails and signage should point attendees to downloading the app (Make it clear and prominent!).

2. Utilize Email:

Sending a series of emails with a clear call to action that directs attendees to download the event app is a the primary way to encourage adoption. The beauty of email is that it provides organizers with trackable metrics that deliver valuable insights. So instead of using snail mail, opt for email!

3. Create a Hashtag:

Be sure to create a social media hashtag (#) for your event and encourage event goers to use it. Hashtags allow you to track social media engagement, and more importantly, they provide you quick access to the audience you care about – your event participants.

4. Be an Early Adopter:

Make sure you and your team start using the event app before everyone else. If event goers see peers using the app, they themselves will want to start using it (FOMO, anyone?). Sharing content through the app is a great way to entice event goers to get active.

5. Promote on The Big Day:

Just because event day has arrived doesn’t mean that you should stop promoting your event app.  There will always be people at your event who haven’t downloaded the app yet despite your best efforts. There are several ways to make sure those last arrivals do not miss the app-arty.

We know your primary concern is to organize an event that amazes both event goers and sponsors, thus an event app is a great way to achieve this goal! Grab our Ultimate Guide to Event App Promotion to get more tips on how to successfully get your participants using and engaging with your app (click below!).

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