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Bizzabo news | 2 September 2015

5 Groundbreaking Insights From TechsyTalk Live

David Epstein

TechsyTalk Live is an annual event for event organizers that covers how event technology is impacting the planning industry.

It is a cutting-edge gathering of thought leaders, and the insights that come out of TechsyTalk Live have traditionally proven to be true in the months and years ahead.

This year attendees benefited from listening to a lineup of all-star event tech speakers, from futurists, to Millennial experts, this year’s gathering of organizers was chock-full of predictions any event organizer can benefit from.

1. Event Organizers Are Orchestrators Of Intellectual Capital (click to tweet)

Large corporations are saddled with the burden of operating in the information age. While data about their industry and their customers is easy to collect and store, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to distil huge amounts of data into insights that can be used to drive innovation.

Fortunately for event organizers, in-person meetings provides companies with large amounts of data with a forum for employees to come together and figure out what all of that data means in just a day or two.

This, according to Chris Kelly – Co-founder of Convene meeting spaces, presents event organizers with an opportunity to take greater leadership roles inside companies.

Kelly sites the fact that 52% of the Fortune 500 from 2002 are off the list today.

That means that these companies are under immense pressure to innovate, or they will die. As event organizers, it is your job to provide employees the proper atmosphere to collaborate so that they can create novel solutions for new ideas.

2. All-In-One Event Management Software Is The Future (click to tweet)

Gone are the days of using 7 different pieces of software to plan an event. All-in-one event management software is here to stay, and it is making it easier for event organizers to plan more profitable and more engaging events, with less stress.

Alon Alroy, Co-founder of Bizzabo, described how Traction Conf, one of the biggest marketing conferences for startups, was able to harness the power of an all-in-one platform to sell out their event 3 weeks prior to opening day.

In years past, Traction Conf organizers used up-to 7 different tools to plan their event. From an email marketing platform, to an event website builder, and an event ticketing and registration system, they were being pulling in many different directions while planning their event.

With Bizzabo, the organizers were able to manage all of these critical tasks and others in one place. As a result, they were able to save time, and see powerful insights that helped them plan a more successful event.

Attendees of this year’s Traction Conf were shown to be 20% more satisfied than at last year’s event, and the event organizers estimate that they saved about 100 hours by using Bizzabo’s event planning software.

3. Wearable And Augmented Technology Is Already Changing Events (click to tweet)

Think that augmented reality will be here by 2020? Think again…it’s already here and it is being used at events happening now.

During his presentation, Futurist, Jim Spellos, showed the audience an augmented reality app called Layer. It can be used by event planners to enhance attendees experiences by turning everyday promotional objects like posters, into immersive interactive experiences.

Spellos urged event organizers to step into this decade, by making sure that their websites were optimized for mobile visitors. He went so far as to stress the importance of optimizing websites for two-inch screens.

The data shows that people are increasingly surfing the web on mobile devices, and if your event website isn’t mobile optimized, you are causing event attendees to have a poor experience.

For additional notes on Spellos’s presentation, or any of the presentations referenced in this article, click here to grab a free and complete copy of TechsyTalk Live 2015 notes.

4. The Fight For Attendee Attention Starts And Ends With Social Media (click to tweet)

Chief Digital Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met), Sree Sreenivasan, understands the importance of attracting attendees to events.

He is part of an organization that has 1 million Twitter followers, 1 million Facebook followers and 700,000 Instagram followers, so he knows a thing or two about social media.

One key aspect of social that he feels most event organizers don’t get, is that very few followers will actually see the content you post. That means that event organizers will have to fight hard to be successful at social media.

Part of The Met’s success lies in their ability to tell compelling stories through social media. For example, their social media team documented the restoration of a famous painting on their blog and online. As a result, they were able to create excitement among followers and attract more attendees to the museum to see the finished painting for themselves.

Want to learn about what book Sreenivasan thinks every event organizer should read if they want to harness the power of social media? Click here to get a full copy of our TechsyTalk Live notes.

5. You Probably Aren’t Using These Time-Saving Apps, But Should

The Queen of event technology, Liz King, shared some of her favorite apps with the audience. She uses them to save time, and keep calm even during some of the most stressful event planning projects.

King mentioned Sonar Ruler as being fantastic when inspecting potential event locations. It has the ability to measure something up to 60 feet long – just by using your smartphone.

Karma Wifi, is another tool that King recommends. It can be used to provide a reliable wifi connection during an event. That way, you can avoid dealing with attendees complaining about a poor wifi connection.

Perfect for team collaboration, Slack is a messaging app that makes communicating with your team-members a breeze. Plus, it will help to avoid unnecessary emails in your inbox.

Want to uncover 17 more apps recommended by Liz King? Click here to get the complete TechsyTalk Live notes for free.

Conclusion: The Future Of Event Planning Is Now, Get On Board Or Be Left Behind (click to tweet)

The event industry is changing, like it or not. Event planners are being asked to help companies innovate for the future so that they can compete against nimble and disruptive opponents.

As event planners, it is your job to bring people together so that they can share their knowledge with one another to solve new problems.

There are new technologies out there that make this easier. From harnessing the power of augmented reality to attract the attention of attendees, to creating more profitable and engaging events with an all-in-one event planning platform, to time-saving apps that can help you reduce stress and save time.

Event organizers have a number of new technology options that can make planning an event easier and better.

Want to learn more about event technology, or see what you might have missed at TechsyTalk Live, download a complete set of notes for free. Just click the button below!

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