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Event orchestration | 31 January 2017

5 Event Planning Tools Perfect For Event Agencies

David Epstein

If you are an organizer working at an event production agency, you are all too familiar with the feeling of limited time, and demanding clients. While some aspects of event planning will always bring some amount of stress, today there are a few smart tech tools that can save organizers time while helping them to achieve new things. The 5 tools listed will help you to better serve clients, while working smarter. Some might even help to grow your event agency business.

1. Jolt: Speak with business experts

Book inspiring business leaders who can advise you on how to improve everything from event marketing and people operations, to analytics and more. Featuring speakers from Slack, Lyft Singularity University and Google, Jolt is a subscription service that connects professionals with business experts who can provide advice, inspire your team, or maybe even speak at one of your client’s events.


2. Livestream: Broadcast live events

We’ve written about the power of live video experiences before, one great way planner’s can amplify the reach of an event is by using a service like Livestream to broadcast a business event around the world in high definition. Livestream has been used by conferences hosted by Social Media Week, TED and the World Economic Forum––to name a few. Packages start at $42 per month and support ad-free streaming, live commenting and video archive.


For those who have clients who want to monetize the live broadcast, Livestream has other, more robust packages that can gate live video content. Adding an additional registration that allows registrants to purchase live video access is a great way to add a new pocket of revenue to a paid event.

3. Guru: Centralize team knowledge

Regardless of how big your event planning agency is, chances are you and your team ask one another common questions that could be avoided if only there was some proper documentation. Usually the problem with knowledge bases is that information is hard to surface and hard to create, but Guru solves both of these problems thanks to great design and a useful Chrome extension. For teams of 10 or smaller, Guru is totally free, otherwise the platform costs between $20 – $24 per month.


4. Bizzabo: Create meaningful business events

Bizzabo provides event organizers with software to create meaningful event experiences throughout the entire event lifecycle. From building an on-brand event website and setting up registration, to marketing an event with Ticket Boost, email and SEO, to engaging attendees with a LinkedIn compatible event app and deep integrations with over 500 other platforms, Bizzabo is an event planner’s best friend. Don’t just take it from us, ask the judges of the Event Tech Awards who recognized Bizzabo with 3 awards in the last 2 years.


5. Bond: Send handwritten notes to clients thanks to a robot

What better way to thank clients and other event stakeholders than with a handwritten note? Well, thanks to Bond you can send anyone a note written by a hand writing robot for just $5 bucks. Choose your stationery, write a thoughtful message, and Bond’s robot handwriting machine will turn your note into a message that feels personalized and will mail it anywhere in the United States.



Any one of the five tools listed here can help planners working at event production agencies to reach new heights. Whether your focus this year is to bring in more clients, create more meaningful events, or empower your team to work smarter––at least one of the tools on this list should do the trick.

Stay up to date with Bizzabo's latest.

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