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30 March 2017 

30 Chicago Event Venues That Attendees Will Love

Stephen Kim
30 Chicago Event Venues That Attendees Will Love

From music, to sports, to politics, Chicago is one of America’s most vibrant and exciting cities. Overflowing with diversity and tradition, there are few other cities that can rival Chicago’s rich culture and history. It’s no wonder that over 52 million people visit Chicago every year. With so many people coming in and out of the city, Chicago has long been a popular destination for all types of events. Whether it’s a large scale convention or a small corporate gathering, Chicago offers an unbeatable selection of quality event venues. Here are 30 of the best Chicago event venues to consider.

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1. Morgan Manufacturing

Morgan MFG.jpg
Also known as Morgan MFG, this 32,000 square foot venue is a completely renovated, pre-Chicago Fire warehouse that is used for all types of events. The space achieves the perfect balance of modern elegance and industrial history, making it a truly unique venue. Morgan MFG is the perfect backdrop to bring any creative vision to life.

2. OFFSITE Chicago

OFFSITE Chicago is ideal for individualized team workshops and brainstorming sessions. This 4,000 sq. ft. space fits roughly 150 people and comes with quality technology to allow for efficient meetings. OFFSITE is a series of small meeting places for companies, the first two locations having opened up in New York’s Union Station and Midtown East. The Chicago space is equally well furnished and ideal for intimate, productive sessions.

3.  Revel Fulton Market

Revel Fulton Market
One of the larger venues in the city, Revel Fulton Market can fit up to 1,400 guests for a variety of events ranging from company summits to recruiting events. The area is 30,000 sq. ft. and is the perfect cross section of urban and luxury. What used to be a dry storage building in Chicago’s former meatpacking district is now a venue of endless possibilities for creative event organizers.

4. Catalyst Ranch

Catalyst Ranch
Awarded the best Chicago venue for small meetings, Catalyst Ranch hosts a variety of events ranging from social gatherings to corporate conferences. The space prides itself on creating a vibrant atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and collaboration. Since their launch in 2002, Catalyst Ranch has hosted over 6,600 events within their 15,000 sq. ft. space.

5. McCormick Place

McCormick Place Chicago
McCormick Place is by far the largest venue on our list. To be more exact, it is the largest convention center in North America. With a combined 2.6 million sq ft and 173 meeting rooms, McCormick is easily able to host multiple events at a time. Some of these huge events include America’s Beauty Show and The American Food Fair.

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6. Navy Pier

Another one of Chicago’s beautiful convention centers, the Navy Pier boasts a sizeable exhibition hall of 170,000 sq ft. There is a private dining area as well as plenty of on-site parking. It is also less than 20 miles away from O’Hare airport, serving as an ideal location for business trade shows and conferences. Located right by the water, Navy Pier offers a breathtaking 180-degree view of Lake Michigan.  

7. OLC Education & Conference Center

OLC Education & Conference Center

This state-of-the-art conference center is located a bit outside of Chicago in Rosemont, Illinois. The space is 11,000 sq ft and can hold a variety of events such as seminars, multi-day conferences, and streaming broadcasts. The OLC is also conveniently located right by the O’Hare airport.

8. The Summit Executive Centre

The Summit Executive Centre
Ideal for company meetings and offsites, the Summit Executive Centre can host up to 220 guests within their 20 meeting rooms. The Centre is the only conference destination in Chicago that is accredited by the International Association of Conference Centers. It is also the only meeting facility in North America that is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise.

9. Fairmont Chicago – Millennium Park

Fairmont Chicago - Millennium Park
This hotel has a total of 63,000 sq ft which includes 15 meeting rooms and ballrooms. With a capacity of 2,000, Fairmont Chicago is perfect venue for corporate conferences and offsites. The rooms were intuitively designed to motivate and inspire guests during their sessions.

10. Hyatt Regency Chicago

Hyatt Regency Chicago
Comprised of two towers each standing 365 ft tall, the Hyatt Regency Chicago offers over 240,000 sq ft of multi-functional spaces and meeting rooms. The venue consists of 63 breakout rooms and four large ballrooms. A space that achieves a balance of aesthetic elegance and corporate efficiency, the Hyatt Regency is a venue that inspires creativity and productivity.

11. Morgan’s on Fulton

Morgan’s on Fulton
The venue’s industrial aesthetic pays homage to the Fulton Market manufacturing and meatpacking past. Morgan’s consists of four unique spaces: Art Gallery, Industrial Loft, Rooftop Terrace, and Studio Lounge. The 6,000 sq ft venue can fit up 500 people for a wide variety of events. Morgan’s on Fulton was born out of a passion for creative collaboration and the atmosphere clearly attempts to evoke those moments.

12. Park West

Park West
A Chicago venue rich with history, Park West has been an integral part of the city’s entertainment scene since the 1920s. It has remained a popular concert venue as well as private rental space for events like corporate presentations, product launches, and social gatherings. Park West’s 11,000 sq ft facility fits up to 900 people and includes 5 tiered levels, 2 balconies, and 7 bars.

13. Workshop

A small and intimate venue, the Workshop is able to fit 100 guests in their 4,300 sq ft space. They have two industrial lofts with abundant natural sunlight and a full skyline view of downtown Chicago. The venue is perfect for company offsites and workshops that require a open, creative space.

14. Savage Smyth

Savage Smyth Chicago event venue
Savage Smyth includes two separate floors that provide 16,000 sq ft in combined space. But beyond the physical dimensions, this venue boasts a modern design that is both elegant and inviting. With a capacity of up to 300 guests, Savage Smyth is versatile event space that works well for a wide range of live experiences.

15. Venue SIX10

Venue SIX10
Venue SIX10 is comprised of 4 private event spaces as well as 12 meeting rooms, offering a capacity of up to 1,000 guests. A popular choice for extravagant weddings, Venue SIX10 is also  perfect for large scale business events going for a more modern aesthetic. The venue has won numerous design awards and was honored with a Silver LEEDS certification for its sustainability including 100% renewable-sourced energy.

16. Stage 773

Stage 773
With 3 different sized theaters, Stage 773 is a great venue choice for an event centered around presentations. The venue gives event planners much flexibility by allowing them to set their own ticket prices and discounts. With dozens of events being held every month, Stage 773 is perfect for those looking for an inspiring and creative environment.

17. Vertiport

This 30,000 sq ft helicopter hangar provides a huge warehouse space for large scale events. The inside of the venue includes multiple meeting rooms and executive lounges for productive business meetings. The possibilities are endless with such a vast space and the ability to schedule private helicopter tours.

18. 19 East

19 East Chicago Event Venue
Fittingly located at 19 East 21st Street in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, 19 East is fully owned and operated by special events and catering company Food for Thought. This spacious 10,000 sq ft venue is designed to accommodate a variety of events with detailed specifications. With its urban and contemporary flair, 19 East stands out among the many other event spaces in the city.

19. The Murphy Chicago

The Murphy Chicago Event Venue
The Murphy is undoubtedly one of Chicago’s most elegant and austere venues. Its French Renaissance architecture and classic ambiance leave a memorable impression on guests. The venue can fit over 500 guests and includes four separate rooms: banquet, reception, classroom, and theater. The Murphy has hosted all kinds of events including fashion shows, commercial shoots, and sports media events.

20. The Field Museum

The Field Museum
Though a museum by day, by night the Field Museum is available for private events. From small, intimate gatherings of less than 50 guests to large scale events that fit up to 15,000, this venue is ideal for its ability to adapt to the event planners’ needs. There are over 7 different event halls and 7 spacious meeting rooms to accommodate the organizer’s specific requests.

21. Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry
As the largest science museum in the Western hemisphere, the Museum of Science and Industry offers endless possibilities when hosting an event. It can hold up to 12,000 guests and offers 8 unique spaces. Given its amazing exhibits and outstanding decor, MSI is the premier destination for unique and special events in Chicago.

22. Chicago Union Station

Chicago Union Station
An integral piece of Chicago’s rich history, Chicago Union Station can be rented out for private events. The 20,000 sq ft classic is as ornate as it is spacious, with 18 soaring Corinthian columns, terracotta walls, a pink Tennessee marble floor, and a magnificent five-story, barrel-vaulted atrium ceiling. This classic aesthetic provides the perfect backdrop for all types of events.

23. Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center
One of Chicago’s most stunning landmarks, the Cultural Center is a popular choice for a wide variety of events, from extravagant weddings to large scale corporate conferences. The venue consists of 5 spacious rooms and can host over 2,000 guests. Completed in 1897 as Chicago’s first central public library, the Cultural Center upholds the city’s deep history and tradition.

24. Silversmith Hotel

Silversmith HotelThe

Silversmith boasts a 4,400 sq ft meeting space with 7 fully furnished rooms. The capacity can reach up to 300 people and each room is fully equipped with A/V technology for maximum productivity and efficiency. With its stripped back simplicity and minimal design, the Silversmith’s aesthetic is conducive to important brainstorming sessions.

25. Venue 1420

Venue 1420
One Chicago’s newer event spaces, Venue 1420 is a very flexible, versatile venue that can be transformed into an event planner’s exact vision. The space offers over 2,200 sq ft and a capacity of 200 people. It also includes a built-in DJ booth, outdoor patio area, and overall creative aesthetic. This space is ideal for cozy, intimate gatherings both for corporate and social occasions.

26.  Soho House Chicago

Soho House Chicago
Though a hotel on the smaller scale, the Soho House in Chicago provides a warm and cozy setting for personalized events. The venue can fit around 100 guests in the Belt room and 30 guests in their private screening room, fully furnished with reclining chairs and an old-fashioned cinema screen. With its uniquely classic and intimate atmosphere, the Soho House will definitely leave an impression on event attendees.

27. Beane Hall

Beane Hall
This beautiful venue can be found on the campus of Loyola University, located on the 13th floor of the Lewis Towers building. This space is perfect for meetings or corporate events. With its medieval vaulted floor-to-ceiling windows, ornate ceilings, and rich textiles, Beane Hall is ideal for the event planner who is looking for a venue rich in history.

28. Mundelein Auditorium

Mundelein Auditorium
Located on Loyola University campus, the Mundelein Auditorium is perfect for events that are centered around large presentations and performances. The space can fit up to 700 guests and includes balcony seating. There is also an outdoor courtyard that can be used as a pre-function space for networking and cocktails.

29. Regents Hall

Regents Hall Chicago
Another beautiful venue located on Loyola’s campus, Regents Hall boasts a modern design accented with tall windows, a wrap around balcony, built-in sound system, and two projection screens. With striking view of the Magnificent Mile, Regent Hall is a popular choice for conferences and special events.

30. Trigger Chicago

Trigger Chicago
With the tagline “3600 square feet of anything you can imagine”, Trigger prides itself on being the perfect blank canvas for the innovative, out-of-the-box event organizer. Whether it’s a photo shoot, social event, or corporate meeting, Trigger Chicago allows for endless event possibilities with its creative atmosphere and versatile layout.

Bonus: The Geraghty

This expansive, luxurious venue is the ultimate mastery of event space production. Given its spacious floors and ornate backdrop, The Geraghty serves as the perfect blank canvas for the event visionary. From standout corporate conferences to unparalleled social events, this venue was designed for unforgettable live experiences.  

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