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Event Marketing
11 April 2017 

3 Reasons Why Marketers Need to Be Creating Live Video at Events

Laura Lopez
3 Reasons Why Marketers Need to Be Creating Live Video at Events

When it comes to maximizing event promotions with social media, event marketers are facing new challenges in their roles. Ever-changing social media algorithms are creating more competition for the attention of audiences and it is becoming more and more difficult for a marketer to break through the noise in order to promote an event or encourage engagement. But there is one solution that is already proving successful for many event marketers: live video.

The reasons for using live video for event marketing simply cannot be ignored. According to a study conducted by social media management tool Buffer, a whopping 42% of social media content is created and consumed at an event so there is a clear, captive audience for live event content. To boot, 36% of the content generated in the study was multimedia.

If you’re not creating live video at your events, here are three reasons that prove why you need to be creating live video at your events and why it’s the new, ubiquitous tool in the event marketer’s toolbox.

Increasing the discoverability of your event

If you’re looking to reach a wider event audience, live video is the way to go. One tool that is transforming how live content is created and consumed is Facebook Live. Since its inception in 2015, Facebook Live has helped thousands of event marketers exponentially increase the discoverability of their events. But, if you’re still on the fence as to whether Facebook live is worth the effort, consider this: 78% of online audiences are already consuming video via Facebook Live are spending three times longer watching a live video than a replay.

Buzzfeed_Facebook_Live_video.pngBuzzfeed’s Corporate dance battle lasted for 30 minutes. But facebook live recordings can last up to four hours. 

So how exactly is Facebook Live reaching a wider digital audience? One of the invaluable features of Facebook Live is its ability to send an alert in your followers’ news feed. With live video being a prized piece of content, it’s no wonder why Facebook specifically prioritizes live video feeds above other content you see.

An important bonus to using Facebook Live, is the fact that that longer, higher-quality video is given preference in the news feed. This means brands who are creating Facebook Live videos will be able to enjoy a higher visibility in the competitive landscape that is the Facebook News Feed.

Proving organic promotions aren’t dead

As marketers, we’ve accepted the fact that organic marketing efforts are dead when it comes to event promotions. But is it, really? Marketing your event via live video can be re-framed as an event within an event to engage current and would-be attendees—and it’s hosted with a budget of zero. According to Digitell, 30% of those who watch a live video produced at an event, turn into attendees of that same event in the following year. By making the organic effort of producing live video at your event, you’re unlocking a door to get in front of potential event attendees and increasing social mentions of your event.

Scheduling live videos as you would a physical event creates a unique experience that will draw interest from potential and current attendees. Promoting a pre-event live video such as backstage looks or event previews will pique attendee interest in a way that an email or tweet just can’t convey.

Live video as an event within an event creates one-on-one engagement and unforgettable experiences that encourage organic, social sharing among attendees. Show Media hosted live video events in their VIP shuttles and opened up attendee access to celebrities in a way that the in-person event might not have afforded event goers.

Improving future events with live video data

One facet of event metrics that is increasingly difficult to guage is how engaged attendees were at the event. With live video creating a two-way dialogue between you and your attendees, you’re able to glean important both qualitative and quantitative data that can guide how you market and host your next event.

Qualitative feedback in the form of comments will determine which pieces of event content is resonating with attendees and what is falling short. With Twitter now incorporating live video into its feed via Periscope, you’re able to see replies and comments from your followers—valuable, qualitative data that viewer numbers alone can’t show. By analyzing comments and replies, you’re able to zero in on common themes or mentions that can help drive how you market and host your next event.

Facebook-Live-Video-Metric-Screens.pngA look at some Facebook Live metrics.

Another facet of live video that is highly valued by event marketers is how viewership analytics work in tandem with qualitative data. Live video platforms like Ustream can add color to the notoriously ambiguous ROE (return on event) metric. Not only can you see basic metrics like time viewed and total video viewers, but you can drill down further to understand what kind of audience your live video attracted. Live video analytics allow you to see geographical regions of where your video was viewed, viewer behavior, and viewer data. These pieces of data could inform where you might want to have the event next year, what kind of content your attendees value most, and even add a name and an email address to the digital viewer who could become an in-person event attendee next year.

Live video increases the discoverability of your event, succeeds organically without the need for a paid ads boost, and provides valuable data that can be used to prove and improve the financial return on an event. Event marketers, it’s time to get on board.


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