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Event orchestration | 29 December 2016

3 Company Holiday Parties That Wowed

Stephen Kim

Although the holidays can be a great time to have a low-key hangout with your coworkers, some companies have gotten incredibly creative in the ways that they celebrate the season. We wanted to highlight some of the best company parties to have ever been thrown. Without getting into the emotional stages that go into organizing a holiday party, here are three company holiday parties that definitely left their mark on party history.

1. Facebook Roaring Twenties Holiday Party

In 2015, Facebook officially launched Oculus and, two of their boldest projects to date. So it was only fitting that they ended the year in a major way. For their holiday party, Facebook threw a Roaring Twenties extravaganza featuring flying acrobats, ornate decorations, and of course the Charleston. Pulling out all stops, the party looked as decadent as the time period it reflected. With no shortage of feather headbands and bead necklaces, Facebook would’ve made the Flappers proud.


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2. Parkwood Entertainment

Working for Beyonce is undoubtedly an awesome job, but also quite a demanding one. So to recognize all their hard work, Beyonce decided to reward her employees in the form of…well, herself. A few weeks ago at LA’s Wilshire Ebell Theatre, the Queen Bey held an exclusive concert for her management company and performed every song off of her new album. The concert was preceded by a private screening of the visual album, Lemonade, which was introduced by none other than famed record producer and musical genius Quincy Jones. With parties like this every once in awhile, it pays to be a worker bee for the Queen.



3. Go Daddy

Who knew a web hosting company could throw some of the best holiday parties in the country? In 2010, GoDaddy rented out the entire Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. In place of fastballs and home runs were ferris wheels, bumper cars, and a performance by ZZ Top. The party cost more than $4 million to produce and welcomed over 5,000 attendees. The company also donated $500,000 to the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, an annual tradition during the festivities. Though it may seem impossible to top, GoDaddy has a made a point of making their holiday parties better every year.

Wrapping Up: Party People

Taking a look at these parties, it’s easy to get distracted by the huge production and expensive features (and Beyonce). But when it comes to a throwing a memorable party, or any event for that matter, nothing replaces good energy and great people.

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