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Event orchestration | 19 January 2017

2017 New Year’s Resolutions By And For Event Professionals

Brandon Rafalson

We’ve covered some of the biggest event trends for 2017,  written about what event planners must stop doing in the New Year, and now we’re turning the floor over to you. What are your event New Year’s Resolutions? What sort of technology and trends are you looking forward to mastering? Bizzabo recently reached out to some of the most influential event professionals in the industry and asked them for their thoughts.

Holly Woolard
, Managing Editor, Smart Meetings

holly woolard-min.jpg

“I love learning about new technology in use throughout cities, convention centers, and hotels and resorts. For example, attendees at CES 2017 just used their badges to ride the Las Vegas Monorail during the conference. Attendees were able to prepay their monorail tickets through the event website or on the showroom floor. It’s very cool to see cities, conventions and tech suppliers working together to make event experiences more convenient for participants.”


Kate Makulova, Head of Event Marketing, SEMrush


“Live video is widely used in the events industry. But 360 cameras have taken this to a whole new level. Attendees can share their unique experience at events with their friends, and event organisers can tease and attract larger audiences to share a glimpse of what their conferences look like.”


Jonathan Margolis, President and CEO, the michael alan group

jonathan margolis-min.jpg

“The boom of live streamed social content is remarkable, and I’m excited about the opportunities and challenges this presents for events. Not only are you crafting an attendee experience now, but you’re also able to influence the experience for someone tuning in online.”



Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Consultant, Enlighten 123

donna kastner.jpg

“A big goal I have for 2017 is to design event experiences that spark meaningful conversations among different-minded people. I’m especially interested in stirring up more cross-generational collaboration, as that’s often where the best ideas come from.”

Adam Parry, Founder and Editor, Event Industry News

adam parry linkedin-min.jpg

“I’m excited as I’m starting to see the events industry embracing the ‘open enterprise’ a loose term that defines different companies and applications to offer themselves through other apps, websites, and device functions etc.

“For example, you can now use Grip and event specific AI matchmaking and networking solution directly within event apps such as those delivered by Goomeo.

“This is important because it allows a more fluid adoption process for event organisers who want to cherry pick solutions to suit individual events.”


Will Curran, Founder and President, Endless Entertainment

will curran-min.png

“There are a number of trends. We’re getting to a point where more companies are willing to experiment and those that have already started using these technologies are really starting to amp it up. On the Event Icons show, [event-planning guru] Brandt mentions that this is the year that everyone is moving forward. Before everything was trendy, but now it’s everywhere. There’s this need to one-up the competition. Technology has become more stable and more easy, and because of that, people are more willing to adopt more.”


Elizabeth Glau, CMP & Attendee Engagement Strategist

elizabeth glau-min.jpeg

“I recently posted 15 predictions based on Rohit Bhargava’s latest edition of the Non-Obvious Book. Here is one of my favorites:

“Desperate Detox – Addictive technology, media clutter and excess physical things add complexity of our daily lives, leading more people to desperately seek out more simplicity anywhere they can. (Example – Create white space in your agenda and physical environment. Everyone is overwhelmed in their daily lives and they bring all of that to your event where they receive additional stimulation. The simpler your design, the easier it will be for them to receive what they need.)”


Laura Notarbartolo, Founder, Italian Special Occasions 

Laura Notarbartolo-min.jpg

“We use storytelling and incorporate the five senses to make each event we organize unique and memorable. But, with the rise of social media and technology we also must adapt and explore opportunities how to go beyond the actual event and create experiences for attendees not only at the event, but also before and after. Therefore, in 2017 we set ourselves the goal to use more video, social media and technology to communicate with our global clients and showcase what we do as a Destination Management Company (DMC) and share information about Italy as a destination.”


Helen Moon, Founder and Director, EWL Club

helen moon ewl club-min.jpg

“In 2017 I’m going to be focusing on relationships! In an events climate where we are constantly talking about new technology, innovation and disruption I’ll be taking things back to basics and concentrating on strengthening existing relationships and establishing new, and help my clients and peers to do likewise. After all, isn’t that the most important thing we do as event professionals?”


Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP, DES, Corbin Ball and Co.


“As an events and exhibition technology analyst and speaker, one of my main jobs is to share good ideas.  I am resolved to work hard to keep on top of the very rapidly changing area and to share my findings as clearly as possible in my presentations and in my TechTalk newsletter/blog.

“Also, I have just returned from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where I saw a myriad of cool new technologies including new virtual reality/augmented reality devices, drones, internet of things devices, display technologies and much more.  I am resolved to continue to look outside the meetings industry to get insight on future technology that will directly impact it.”

Katy Geller, Marketing Communications Manager, Franchise Update Media

katy geller franchise update media-min.jpg

“2017 is chalking up to be a big year for us already! We have launched registration for our largest event earlier than ever before, and we plan on doing the same for our other two events. We are looking forward to increasing attendance, reaching the right people within the industry and bringing each of our conferences to life in a new and exciting way.”


While 2017 might be be a new year, it brings with it many old challenges. Mainly, technology and people. The eternal measure of success at any event is and has always been, of course, people. But how event professionals get more people to attend, better engage those people who do attend, and increase the satisfaction of all people involved can be broken down into personal elements and technological elements.

The challenges may be the same, but in 2017, the methods have changed. What are you focusing on?

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