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7 August 2014 

17 Awesome Events We Wish to Attend

Hannah Weiner
17 Awesome Events We Wish to Attend

Working in the events industry, we know a thing or two about up-and-coming events. We asked the modest, hardworking, passionate, and (dare we say) irresistibly good-looking team behind Bizzabo about their dream events—concerts, conferences, or ComicCons they’d like to attend someday:

1. Agenda Emerge


Agenda Emerge focuses on the brand building and creative side of business, bringing in creative directors and industry leaders to offer insights and business strategies.

Who wants to go: Rachel (Customer Success Director).

2. BeerCon


Love craft beer? Head over to San Diego to share your passion with other beer lovers—taste all sorts of craft beers, get answers to questions about different brews, learn about brewing, and listen to speakers who have mastered in the industry.

Who wants to go: Emma (Marketing Director) “I mean, don’t we all want to go to this?”

3. Buddhistgeeks


Focused on the intersection between Buddhism and technology, the BuddhistGeeks conference in Boulder, Colorado features speakers ranging from Zen teachers, “mindful cyborgs,” and Dharma teachers.

Who wants to go: Galia (HR & Operations Manager), “The 2 things that fascinate me most are gender and Buddhism!” – Galia is all about discovering next “zen” tech! (ha!)

4. Burning Man


Renowned for its cult-like participants, Burning Man’s annual event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert asks attendees to dedicate themselves to community, self-expression, and culture. One week later, attendees leave without a trace.

Who wants to go: Alon (Co-Founder | Chief Marketing & BizDev), “an awesome opportunity to just get away and live the life,” Eran (Co-Founder and CEO), “I’m not 100% sure I’m going to enjoy it, or what really happens there, but I’m very interested to see what’s going on there,” and Jon (Account Executive), “My peculiar roommate brings a lot of strange, albeit interesting, people over from this event.”

5. E3


If you want to know everything about computer and video games (and related products), E3 is the trade show for you. Held in LA, leading computer and video game companies, industry analysits, and business partners from all over the world gather to celebrate and learn about the industry.

Who wants to go: Elad (Web Developer), Boaz (Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer), and Guy (Android Developer) – Hey E3, how about inviting all of our R&D team?

6. Elevate by Bizbash


Hosted by two of the biggest names in event planning, Elevate mixes workshops, panels, Q&A sessions, and keynote speakers to “maximize attendee learning.” In one day, you can learn the ins and outs of marketing, budgeting, fundraising, social media, event technology, and more.

Who wants to go: Rachel (Customer Success Director), “I’m really passionate about events and am so interested in the new trends, styles, and tech in the industry.”

7. Forbes Women’s Summit


The ForbesWomen conference is based on the philosophy, “entrepreneurs don’t just come up with ideas. They make things happen.” But, it focuses on women in entrepreneurship to inspire, influence, and create.

Who wants to go: Galia (HR & Operations Manager).

8. Founders Forum


For the best global entrepreneurs, key investors, and CEOs in media technology, Founders Forum acts as the community to bring together dynamic digital entrepreneurs. Brainstorm with very smart peers (you know, world-class entrepreneurial-minded business people) and change your thinking for a day about the tech industry.

Who wants to go: Eran (Co-Founder & CEO).

9. Google I/O


Software developers, unite! Google I/O in San Francisco focuses on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google. Enjoy keynote speakers, break-out sessions, code labs, “sandboxes” (getting Google feedback, testing your app, and playing with others’ apps), all while being surrounded by people who love the same things as you.

Who wants to go: Alex (Automation Engineer) and Elad (Web Developer)- They’re hoping for Google Glass in their swag bags, obviously.

10. Milan Design Week


For those interested in design, Milan Design Week cultivates leaders who are business operators, architects, designers, and students, to learn, discuss, discover, and share the trends and creations in contemporary design.

Who wants to go: Meital (Product Manager) “I’d be really interested in the industrial design events!” – We have a feeling she may pop over to some of the fashion events to add to her collection of 40+ shoes 😉

11. South By Southwest Interactive (SXSW Interactive)


SXSW remains a fairly well-regarded festival for music, arts, and creative businesses in the hip city of Austin. However, SXSW Interactive features five days focused solely on exciting emerging technology, with hands-on training and compelling presentations.

Who wants to go: David (Marketing Intern), “Has a lineup of amazing speakers. Also, cutting edge digital and tech are really interesting subjects to me.”

12. The Power of Storytelling


Bringing together storytellers from media, arts, and business, the conference is focused on narrative journalism for two days in Bucharest, Romania.

Who wants to go: Hannah (Intern), “Despite taking place super close to me in Europe, as a writer, this conference sounds like the coolest way to meld business and stories together. And Chris Jones, an amazing sportswriter, will be speaking!”

13. Summit Series


Summit is building a mountain town around the spirit of innovation in the heart of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Summit Powder Mountain aims to rethink the great American mountain town around a community focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, arts, and altruism. Tucked on the southern side of Powder Mountain, in the town of Eden, Utah, it’s a new kind of neighborhood, where friends, family, and the change-makers of today and tomorrow gather in an environment created to catalyze personal and collective growth.

Who wants to go: Alon (Co-Founder | Chief Marketing & BizDev), “Besides the amazing networking, there’s some awesome snowboarding in the area!”

14. TED Conference


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Speakers at TED Conferences harness these three subject areas to showcase their idea, whether it’s a groundbreaking solution to a problem, or a new philosophy to apply to everyday life.

Who wants to go: Emma (Marketing Director) “I’m kind of planning on giving a real TED Talk someday, so actually attending this might be the first step to greatness.”

15. UXI Live


If you’re a user interface or user experience lover based in Israel, UXI Live is the conference for you, featuring speakers from Wix, Uniq UI, and more, you’ll undergo workshops and help promote Israel’s UX and UI knowledge.

Who wants to go: Nimrod (Automation Developer) – As a lover of user interfaces, Nimrod appreciates a sleek UI the way the rest of us appreciate a big fat bowl of cookies ‘n cream ice cream.

16. World Cup 2018 Final


Ready for Russia? This year’s World Cup captivated everyone, from die-hard soccer lovers (per usual) to fair-weather fans on social media. In four years, imagine what could happen in the world of soccer and worldwide sporting events!

Who wants to go: Jon (Account Executive) “It’s really one of the best excuses to cover my entire body in paint” and Tal (VP of R+D)

17. WWDC


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, for five days, gathers 1,000 Apple engineers and 5,000 developers to “Write the code. Change the world.” in San Francisco.

Who wants to go: Elad (Web Developer) ”Reading the live stream keynote in the past has been too slow for me so I figured I’d take it up a notch and be there to see it live” and Tal (VP of R+D). We hope that Tal, our iOS guru, will be invited to give a keynote or share some tips at Apple’s next annual event.

Interested in learning about some more stellar events? Download our Events Hall of Fame for User Conferences. It features events by some of the leading brands out there, including Apple, Airbnb, and Tableau. Just click the button below!

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