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Event experience | 9 January 2015

11 Apps Every #EventProf Should Use In 2015

Siobhan Becker

Last Updated April 17, 2017.

It’s no secret that mobile devices are necessary for event planning today. As the saying goes: “there’s an app for that.”

Today, there are 1.3 million apps in the Apple and Google Play stores.  Although having an unlimited amount of choices may seem overwhelming, there’s no need to panic. The Bizzabo marketers have compiled a list of the top 11 apps that every event planner needs.

  1. Facebook Pages Manager – Event planners can manage their business Facebook page from any mobile device with Pages. This app allows users to publish updates, photos, videos and events. Users can also measure audience reach thanks to Page insights.

  1. Mention – If you use Twitter frequently, chances are you are always searching for your company’s Twitter handle to monitor conversation around it. Thanks to Mention, you can monitor social media chatter on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Just download the app and link your social media accounts to get started.

  2. Clear – Become a more productive event planner with this simple and intuitive to-do list builder. The Clear interface is minimalistic, which means that you’ll spend less time making your to-do list and more time getting stuff done. Available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play, Clear allows you to make multiple to-do lists, so you can have one for personal projects and another for urgent event planning priorities.
  1. Refresh – We’ve all had a meeting with someone who we didn’t know very well, and it would have served us well had we known the person better. Refresh solves this problem by telling you everything there is to know about people you have meetings with. It scans your social media profiles to pull key information about your contacts. When Refresh sees that you have a meeting, it alerts you to pertinent information if found on that person’s social media profiles. Find out about a person’s interests, job history, resume, relationship status and more. It may seem a bit creepy, but it’ll also give you an edge the next time you meet with an important contact.

    UPDATE: Refresh was recently purchased by LinkedIn. While the Refresh app is no longer accepting additional sign-ups, you can find a similar experience in LinkedIn’s Mobile App.

  1. Bizzabo – Here at Bizzabo, we want to help you create better events. Our event management platform is designed to help event professionals create experiences that are more engaging for attendees. Our event communities, social media integration, customizable schedule and events website are just a few features that our customers love.


  1. CamCard – Tired of that stack of business cards you’ve collected from all the events you attend? CamCard is a business card scanning app that turns paper business cards into digital cards that can be stored in your phone.

  1. Clarity – If you could ask any entrepreneur for help, who would you ask? With Clarity, you can request and schedule a call with an expert (like Mark Cuban, Eric Ries or Cameron Herold) who will conduct basic market research, offer event planning advice or teach you a specialized skill that can get you noticed. Users pay by the minute and write a review once the call has ended.

  1. Buffer – Share updates across your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. With Buffer, you can queue your posts or schedule them to go out on specific dates. The app also provides analytics so you learn which posts garner the most attention from your followers.

  2. Evernote Scannable – Forget that clunky all-in-one printer. Now you can scan documents with your iPhone or iPad. Simply take a photo of a document and Scannable automatically crops and enhances the image turning it into a PDF. You can also scan business cards, and Scannable will find additional information about your contact via their LinkedIn profiles. Then you can import that person into your contacts on your iPhone or iPad.

  3. Boomset – Create guest lists by importing contacts from platforms like Excel, Eventbrite, CSV, ConstantContact, Meetup and Facebook. Your guests can register for your event and check themselves in upon arrival. Boomset allows users to print name tags as guests check-in. Additionally, Boomset is also a lead retrieval app, which means that it captures and follows up on interested attendees.

    UPDATE: Due to high demand, Bizzabo now partners with Boomset. Check out our Product Update for more information.

  1. Directr – Make sharable videos to get your guests excited for your upcoming event. You can use Directr’s templates to create engaging content like venue tours,interviews or to highlight keynote speakers.Then share those videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for more awesome apps? Check out our most recent list of 10 Apps That Every Event Planner Needs.

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