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Event leadership | 9 June 2017

10 Things You Can’t Miss at IBTM America 2017

Stephen Kim

What happens when you bring together the top companies in the events industry with pre-screened buyers who are eager to expand their businesses? The result is IBTM America, one of the year’s most anticipated trade shows in the events space. Trade shows are without a doubt one of the most popular forms of business conferences in the live events industry. IBTM America 2017 is set to be one of most exciting events and travel trade shows of the year.

Taking place in Hollywood, Florida, IBTM America 2017 is packed with networking sessions, workshops and exhibits that will provide real value to all in attendance. But with so many things going on during this 3-day conference, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of activities. To make sure you are taking full advantage of this great conference and its beautiful location, here is a list of the top 10 things all attendees should do at IBTM America 2017.

1) Morning Fitness Walk

morningbeachrun-min.jpgPhoto via:

It’s time for some #sweatworking! What’s a better way to start the day off than with a brisk walk along the beach? With a full day of meetings and workshops ahead of you, it’s important to clear your head and energize your body for a full day of IBTM. The walk will take place from 6:15am – 7:15am right along side the Diplomat Beach Resort. This morning walk is also a great opportunity to meet other IBTM attendees and to engage with them in a more casual, low-stakes setting. The best conversations are the ones that feel most natural so this morning walk may be one of your best sources networking opportunities.

2) Visit Booth 704


There will be multiple booths with great products and services being exhibited, but make sure to come by booth 704 to learn more about Bizzabo! Bizzabo is an all-in-one event success platform that provides all the necessary tools to create exceptional professional events. With this year’s conference being so heavily focused on event technology, checking out each of the event tech exhibitors will be highly beneficial for any attendee. So while you’re making your rounds, make sure to check out the Bizzabo booth! 

3) #EventTech Pitch Competition 

  Eventtechpitch-min.jpgPhoto via: 

As the events industry is becoming a more tech-savvy space, innovative event tech solutions are taking one an increasingly significant role for all event organizers. Event management solutions with wide-ranging capabilities, customizable features, and key integrations will become that most important tool for anyone in the events space. To get a glimpse into some of these cool products, check out the Event Tech Pitch Competition to watch five startups compete for the award for “Most Innovative Product.” Taking place on Friday at 8:30am in the Central Hub, this competition may be a great indicator of which startups will start to make some serious noise in the events industry. 

4) Networking Happy Hour

networking-min.jpgPhoto via:

After a long day of business appointments and workshops, it’ll be nice to wind down with a few drinks. And again, connecting with colleagues in a less formal setting may lead to some great and candid conversations. From 5:20pm to 6:00pm on Thursday June 15th, make sure to head to the show floor for free drinks and fun mingling with fellow buyers and exhibitors. A more relaxed environment will do wonders for your energy levels and will provide a great atmosphere to further connect with people. 

5) Clean the World Lunch

cleantheworld-min.jpgPhoto via:

Here’s your chance to give back. Clean The World is a non-profit organization that strives to reduce the rate of hygiene-related diseases by distributing unused hotel soap. This year, IBTM America has partnered with Clean The World to support another local charity called The Homeless Voice and provide personal hygiene products to the homeless community. Along with other IBTM attendees, you have the opportunity of making hygiene kits with unused hotel products and adding your own personal messages of encouragement and inspiration. These kits will help the local homeless in Hollywood, Florida to stay clean and healthy. With most other networking events are business-oriented, this event is unique in both its subject matter and its activity choice. Doing a good deed alongside others will surely create a genuinely vibrant atmosphere.

6) ArtsPark at Young Circle 

artspark-min.jpgPhoto via:  

This 10-acre circular park is filled with art events and activities that will entertain young and old alike. Things you can check out at ArtsPark include jewelry making, glass blowing, and movie nights. There is always plenty of going on at this park so be sure to check their website for more info on these events. After a full day of conferencing, it will be nice to walk around this beautiful park and soak in the energy that’s sure to be buzzing. And if you’re fortunate enough to take one of the art classes here, it will do wonders for your creativity and perhaps even better prepare you for the next day’s business appointments.

7) Self-guided Historical Downtown Tour

Photo via:

Did you know that the city of Hollywood, Florida was envisioned by essentially a single land developer? Did you know that the city was meant to imitate its west coast counterpart? You can learn all of this as well as the deep historical context of plenty of other buildings in Hollywood, Florida through a self-guided tour using this tour guide. For all the history buffs out there, this city may surprise you with its fascinating past and rich architectural history.

8) Water Taxi Tour 

watertaxi-min.jpgPhoto via:   

Try out one of South Florida’s signature tourist attractions and hop onboard a Water Taxi! As it tours along the coast of Hollywood Beach, you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery and calm breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. After it picks you up at the Diplomat Resort, you’ll be taken down the Hollywood local route where you can check out great restaurants, beautiful beaches, and amazing views of the horizon. If Fort Lauderdale is considered the “Venice of America”, then Water Taxis are the gondolas you’ve never been on! 

9) Sunset Cruise

sunsetcruise-min.jpg Photo via:

If you can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful ocean scenery, take a cruise along the coast to enjoy a breathtaking sunset. After a busy and successful first day of IBTM, you deserve to treat yourself to a relaxing evening boat ride. Attendees are expected to board at 6pm at Portico Dock in the Diplomat Beach Resort, where the boat will take you down the coastline and offer amazing views of the city. If you think Hollywood is beautiful during the day, just wait until the sun goes down. The city becomes a completely different place. 

10) Everglades Holiday Park

Photo via:

Come check out some of the most fascinating plants and animals that Florida nature has to offer. The Everglades Holiday Park is world famous for its airboat tours, one-of-a-kind landscape, and unbelievable gator shows. From huge alligators to deep swamps, this park has so much to offer. And if you’re feeling brave enough, turn your airboat tour into an airboat chase as you zip straight through the swamp at exhilarating speeds. Once you’ve been on an airboat, you can confidently say that you’ve been to Florida. 

Anything else you’d like to add? Let your fellow event profs know with a comment below! 

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