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8 February 2016 

10 Things To Know About Weed Conferences

Sydney Dawes
10 Things To Know About Weed Conferences

Marijuana legalization has been a controversy for decades, whether for recreational or medical purposes. As research with the plant progresses, though, professionals have come together to educate others on its chemistry and medical benefits, as well as its health effects and potential legality.

What exactly are cannabis conferences all about, though? Read on to discover 10 things to know about cannabis conferences, and click here to discover 25 awesome cannabis events happening soon.

1. They’re popping up across the globe.

From Europe to the States, cannabis conferences are becoming extremely popular. For instance, Spannabis, located in Barcelona, Spain, is an event in the World Cannabis Conference. Last March, speakers from Spain and the U.S. came together to present information on cannabis and society, as well as the science behind the plant.

In Tel Aviv, Israel, CannaTech will be running the International Summit for Accelerating Cannabis Innovation to promote the advancement of marijuana research.

In San Diego, the CannGrow Expo promises to educate attendees about cutting edge techniques growers are employing to create world-class cannabis.

2. They look like a typical conference.

Many weed conferences include the standard exhibit rooms, panel discussions, conference rooms, and networking opportunities.

For instance, the morning schedule for one cannabis event includes breakfast on the exhibit floor, along with morning networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. Later on in the day, guests will stick with their designated track (Business, Investment, or Tribal) to sit in on conferences and panel discussions.

3. Exhibitors are a big part of some cannabis conferences.

Most conferences dedicate a large portion of their time and space to their exhibits. One upcoming event includes 225 exhibitors from an assortment of labs, greenhouses, security companies, law firms, advocacy groups, and tech corporations.

The National Cannabis Summit sets aside 20,000 square feet for its exhibit space. Exhibitors include the American Cannabis Company, Heliospectra,and Medicine Man Technologies.

4. Industry influencers often Attend These Events.

At weed conferences, attendees will find lawyers, doctors, politicians, activists, and business leaders as panel members and keynote speakers. Political activist Ralph Nader, for example, will be giving the keynote speech at one event this year.

At the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition, speakers range from CEOs of cannabis companies to real estate entrepreneurs to apothecary workers and scientists.

5. They cover many different aspects of the marijuana industry.

The standard exhibit hall will have representatives not only from cannabis companies, but also from greenhouse technology labs, security companies, and also hospitals and research facilities.
Many cannabis conferences, such as Chicago’s My Compassion Cannabis Conference, focus on the medical aspects of marijuana. This specific conference, in fact, includes a medical forum and exposition.

6. Attendees won’t leave uninformed.

With speeches from industry leaders, opportunities to chat with exhibitors, and networking sessions with other business professionals, it would be hard to leave a conference without some new bit of knowledge.

Conferences such as the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference in Washington, D.C. attempt to connect business professionals to researchers and doctors so that they may advance the medical application of marijuana. 

7. There’s a strong emphasis on networking.

Most professional cannabis events are designed to make it easy for attendees to network with one another. After all, the cannabis industry involves many different disciplines, so having a large network of experts to draw upon is critical for a cannabis entrepreneur.

Under a medical lens, cannabis labs can connect with investors and other researchers to advance the medical marijuana industry, as well as form bonds with greenhouse technology companies.

8. The venues are usually breathtaking.

Weed conferences don’t skimp on venues. My Compassion Cannabis Conference’s Medical Forum and Exposition, for instance, takes place on Chicago’s North Pier, which overlooks Lake Michigan. While the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference is held in swanky Loews Madison Hotel.

9. A variety of products are available.

In Huffington Post’s “26 Things You’ll Find at Cannabis Industry’ First Big Conference,” the list included many items other than the plant itself (which, in state’s where it’s not legalized, will not even be present).

Many booths for marijuana-infused beauty and health products, such as shampoos, body lotions, and conditioners are sometimes on display. Other booths may display marijuana-infused chocolates, as well! And then there’s hemp. Lots and lots of hemp, usually in the form woven goods like rugs, clothing or bags.

10. Technology is a large component of some cannabis conferences.

Exhibit halls at weed conferences usually include a vast array of tech. Whether it’s green house lighting, safes, or security cameras and sensors, technology necessary for the cannabis industry will likely be there. Other tech goods, such as vape pens, are also popular at some, but not all, cannabis events.

Like many other professional meetups, weed conferences consist of like-minded professionals coming together to work toward a common cause, network with peers, learning best practices, and discovering new helpful tools.

What To Do Next:

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