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Event experience | 16 July 2015

10 Networking Apps For Event Attendees

Daniel Mendelson

According to Mobile Statistics, people spend an average 23 full days a year on their phone. Imagine if only a fraction of that time was spent on networking apps. In this post you will find a list of some great networking apps perfect for event attendees that will take their networking success to the next level!

UPDATE Aug. 4, 2017: Apple just announced a major change to it’s App Store that will change event apps as we know them. On Aug. 16 we will be discussing the implications of this change. You can register for the webinar and acces the recording of the webinar by clicking this button. 


1. Charlie: Have a meeting, don’t stress! This networking app sends you relevant information on the fellow attendee that you’re planning to meet. You won’t have to worry about remembering details about other event attendees, because Charlie does all the research and preparation for you!


2. Bizzabo: Bizzabo’s networking success platfrom is truly one of a kind. In addition to a total integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, this networking platform allows you to engage in one-on-one messaging with other event attendees in order to help you make the most out of your event networking experience.

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3. Namerick: As featured in BusinessInsider, and the Huffington Post, Namerick is one of our must-have networking apps. If you are one of those people who can never seem to remember names, Namerick is for you! Using repetition and mnemonics, Namerick will help you keep track of the names of other attendees that you meet at an event.


4. CamCard: Now you can easily manage and organize all of the business cards that you receive at an event! CamCard extracts the  relevant contact info from business cards and imports them into your smartphone. The sheer number of business card apps attests to the importance of adding one to your networking app portfolio. Take a look at SamCard, WorldCardMobile, and ScanBizCards for some other options!


5. CityHour: Do you have some downtime at the conference you’re attending? Are you interested in networking  right away? CityHour is one of our networking apps mentions because it connects you with those willing to meet within the next 2 hours, who are within a 50-mile radius of your location, and  who share similar industry and meeting goals.


6. inDecision: Can’t decide whether to approach the big-name conference speaker? Every event attendee has to make decisions that can make or break their networking success. Through pros and cons lists and organizing your decision options, inDecision can help you make the right decision.

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7. Contxts: If you are looking to share and receive contact information in the quickest way possible, then this app is for you! Contxts is a tool that helps you connect with other business professionals by streamlining and organizing the exchange of contact information through SMS messaging.


8. This networking app gives you the opportunity to tell your professional story and personalize the way you are presented. About.Me has detailed statistics on who interacts with your profile. You can use this networking app to track how popular you are among your network.

 Switch_App_Logo9. Switch: We know that many event attendees go to events hoping to find new job opportunities. Switch is a networking app that can help attendees find the perfect job. It connects job seekers with hiring managers – not with head hunters or recruiters.
Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_2.30.17_PM.png10. Spotcard: Discover LinkedIn members at the next conference you attend with this efficient networking app! Using your LinkedIn profile and contact information, this app creates  a shareable digital business card that makes your networking connections much easier to come-by.

Does networking clash with your personality? Check out our blog post on 10 Battle Tested Networking Tips For Introverted Event Goers.

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