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Utilize Social Media and Online Promotion

The Lean Startup Conference

The Lean Startup Conference In Numbers



1: Utilize Social media and Online promotion efficiently to increase ticket sales

2: Use an all-in-one platform to save time and track success

Challenges Stood In The Way...

The team at the Lean Startup Conference was tired of using multiple tools to engage their audience. It was clear to them that the key to sell more tickets was to surprise and engage their audience of tech savvy and social media-oriented attendees.

Additionally, the team aspired to have all event management, marketing and success tracking tools in one place, so that the data could be utilized in the most efficient way.

They knew that opting for a well thought out all-in-one solution would be more efficient for their team and would liberate them from aggravating data silos they experienced when switching between platforms.

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Before and After

In prior years, the Lean Startup Conference used many different tools to manage and market their conference. The result was that the Lean Startup team spent a lot of time learning to use different tools, and later struggled to interpret siloed data to get an overall picture of the performance of their event.

The Bizzabo Solution

The Lean Startup Conference chose Bizzabo because the event organizers understood the value of using an all-in-one event planning platform specifically built to plan professional conferences.

With Bizzabo, the organizers were able to sell tickets through online promotion, and monitor event registrations, email marketing, the event’s networking community, and social media. Plus, the organizers were able to quickly build an event website, provide attendees with a networking platform, and set revenue goals all within the Bizzabo platform.

The Lean Startup took advantage of Bizzabo’s referral tool called Ticket Boost. As a result of this tool the organizers generated an additional$25,000 in revenue because event attendees shared a small discount with contacts who they knew were likely to attend.
Thanks to the discount code that attendees shared directly and on social media, the 146,000+ impressions generated drove thousands of new visitors to the conferences registration page, helping the organizers to dramatically increase online reach as well..

Event attendees who already registered to the event received a reminder email encouraging them to join the community. In contrast, contacts who hadn’t yet registered to the conference but were uploaded by the event organizer received a different email, encouraging them to register for the event base on their known preference.
The organizers were able to beat their ambitious registration revenue goal by 22%, and did it 10 days before the event, thanks to their hard work and to Bizzabo’s all in one event management platform.